Crystal Singing Pyramids (various sizes)




Crystal Singing Pyramid

Crystal Singing Pyramid

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Crystal Singing Pyramids are the next generation of Crystal Singing instruments. They ring louder, clearer and much longer than Crystal Singing bowls and have the extra benefit of being a Pyramid! In fact, the pyramid shape is the same angles of the Great Pyramid at Cheops. Also our Singing Pyramids are made of quartz crystal which is why the sound is so pure.

We have 15 different sizes of pyramids, from a 1″ pendant to a 26″ pyramid. They work on many levels even if they are not used as a sound instrument, solely because of the pyramid energy. They’re also an infinitely peaceful piece of art , full of light and adventure.

Sleep is wonderfully deep, peaceful and relaxing, and you will not believe how wonderfully changed the quality of your room will feel, just by placing one in just the right spot. And oh that sound. It’s wonderful to meditate to and heal. If you are into Sound Wave or Tibetan meditation, Crystal Singing Pyramids are a MUST!

Each Pyramid comes with a leather piece for holding or hanging, and double ended striker made of Crystal on one side and suede on the other. The suede is a lovely soft tone, while the crystal is a sharper tone. Other stores charge up to $30 extra for this striker but not us. It is included at no additional charge.

All prices are listed except 22″ and 26″ which are special order only. Please contact me for prices. We also have exquisite protection boxes at excellent prices. Please contact me for those prices and photos as well. Protection boxes are very heavy and are subject to higher shipping rates.

So as not to over promise and under deliver, we have set the shipping time to 3-4 weeks. In all likelihood, they will be shipped much sooner.

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