Feeling Stress and Anxiety? Can't Sleep?

We have a solution. A unique hybrid, six-week course using mindfulness practices and flotation therapy. Learn more by clicking the button below.

Introduction to SAM

Cloud Nine Flotation is proud to be a member of the following groups, and recipient of “Best of Tucson” from the Tucson Weekly 3 years running:

Meet the S.A.M. Course Creator

Kalyn Wolf

Kalyn Wolf, Course Creator

Expert in "Nothing"

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t wondering why we do what we do. Somewhere between seeing the deeper meaning, and no meaning of life, I figured out a middle ground. That middle ground is what I share with you in the S.A.M. coursework. Together we’ll traverse the “path less traveled.” It takes a bit of courage to go into the unknown. But if the known is stress and anxiety, and the unknown is freedom. Is there really a choice?