How Are Stress and Anxiety Affecting the Quality of Your Life?

There is no question that this is a stressful time. How is your stress manifesting itself? Are you noticing that you are:

                          • Indulging in unproductive habits and activities?
                          • Is your relationship to yourself and others suffering?
                          • Is it time to address this in a mindful and tangible way?

The Cloud Nine Stress/Anxiety Management Course (S.A.M. for short) could be your answer.

A unique, six-week course using daily mindfulness practices taught by a woman with over 4 decades of experience. Learn more by clicking the button below. Watch the short video and see if you resonate to it. If you float during the six week course, your results will be exponential. Because S.A.M. is online you can float anywhere!

 Cloud Nine Flotation is proud to be the recipient of “Best of Tucson” for Best Alternative Health Center from the Tucson Weekly 5 years running.  


Meet the S.A.M. Course Creator

Kalyn Wolf, owner of Cloud Nine Flotation

Kalyn Wolf, Course Creator

Expert in "Nothing"

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t wondering why we do what we do. Somewhere between seeing the deeper meaning, and no meaning of life, I discovered a middle ground. That middle ground is what I share with you in the S.A.M. coursework. Together we’ll traverse the “path less traveled.” It takes a bit of courage to go into the unknown. But if the known is stress and anxiety, and the unknown is freedom, is there really a choice?

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