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S.A.M.* is the program you've been waiting for! Developed for and tested by Float Professionals.

S.A.M. brings you the expertise of industry veterans with decades of experience. 

*Stress/Anxiety Management. S.A.M. for short.

S.A.M. is all about Content/Connection/Community

3 Simple Steps!

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  1. Purchase the S.A.M.-1 course and earn a minimum of  $350 from your first referral (including floats & affiliate referral fee) and your course just paid for itself! 
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whats sam
  • The difference between stress and anxiety.
  • Mindfulness exercises your clients can use in the tank and take with them for the rest of their lives.
  • Intentional Breathing.
  • Grounding to the Earth’s Core.
  • Anchoring processes using audio, visual & kinesthetic cues.
  • The history of sleep (and non-sleep).
  • Guided Visualization and much more, including future S.A.M. courses.
  • Daily inspiration and journaling.
  • Six self-guided modules.
  • Floating weekly.
  • A community of people embarking on the same journey, from all over the world.
  • Weekly Facebook live events to address questions.
  • Participate with the extensive S.A.M. community in Monthly Live Zoom  events for a deeper dive into the curriculum.

"In partnership, we do all the heavy lifting. You get all the floats and referrals with no marketing dollars, using your current client list." ~Kalyn Wolf, Course Creator

Intrigued? Here's how to begin your S.A.M. success story.

1) Read the testimonials below (they’re pretty cool).

2) Keep scrolling and click on “View Course Introduction” below and watch the       video. It’s only 3min, 40 sec.

3) After you watch it, click on “Learn More”

4) Read the page, including FAQs (there are some fun Easter Eggs in there)

5) Enroll in the course, or contact us at

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Feeling Stress and Anxiety? Can't Sleep?

We have a solution: A unique hybrid, six-week course using mindfulness practices and flotation therapy. Learn more by clicking the button below.

Introduction to SAM

Meet the S.A.M. Course Creator

Kalyn Wolf, owner of Cloud Nine Flotation

Kalyn Wolf, Course Creator

Expert in "Nothing"

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t wondering why we do what we do. Somewhere between seeing the deeper meaning, and no meaning of life, I discovered a middle ground. That middle ground is what I share with you in the S.A.M. coursework. Together we’ll traverse the “path less traveled.” It takes a bit of courage to go into the unknown. But if the known is stress and anxiety, and the unknown is freedom, is there really a choice?

Cloud Nine Flotation is proud to be the recipient of “Best of Tucson” for Best Alternative Health Center from the Tucson Weekly 3 years running. 

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