Does your Resort Have a Float Spa?!

Floating is the only activity where a 1 hour float is equal to 4 hours of deep, restful sleep!

Floating is like getting a weeks worth of restful vacation in just 1 hour!"

Have you seen who's floating these days?!


What if

You could offer your guests more rest, recovery and mental focus than they’ve ever experienced before thanks to your resort?!

What if

You could appeal to more celebrities, athletes, corporations, government agencies and more because you offer floating?!!

What if

Your facility already has a float environment but isn’t maximizing it’s potential? The Float Experts will train your staff and marketing department to optimize the advertising and better monetize your floats.

What if, indeed!


If that wasn’t already exciting enough,

The ROI on a float spa add-on to any resort is a minimum 1x – 2x in the first year…

Resulting in an exponential increase year after year from your professionally operated and maintained float spa environment.

And, to address the elephant in the room...

Your Guests ARE Leaving Your Property

That’s right!

They are leaving your property to go to a local float center, instead of spending their money with you.


flotation experts for spas and hotels

Your 1-stop, turnkey solution

to deliver this value-added service to your bottom-line!

Thanks to our over 30 years of experience, we’ve got:

the manufacturers

the system designers

the maintenance system

and the training to cover:

the management system

AND, the marketing system

To deliver you a highly profitable and sustainable asset

in no time at all!

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