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A float environment makes your spa a cutting-edge facility. 

The Float Experts are the innovators bringing exquisite float environments to Destination, Luxury and Medical Spas. Floating has been our way of life since the 1970s. Today, thanks to a resurgence of the industry, celebrities, elite athletes, the military, CEOs and philosophers along with people under general stress are making use of this simple yet potent tool for well being and peace. The Float Experts will make floating happen at your Destination, Luxury and Medical Spa in ways no other organization can match.

Already have a float environment at your facility? That’s wonderful. Is your staff trained? How’s your marketing? Are you reaching not only your guest but also your community? You may have the only float environment in your town, let them know about it and get some regular local clients. The Float Experts trainers are all successful float center owners who will train your staff and help your marketing dept. on an ongoing basis. We want you to have the success you know is possible. We know how to get you there.


Whether you have a float environment currently, or you are looking to create one, The Float Experts is your answer to the questions you may not even know you have yet.

"Make no mistake - Floating is no fly-by-night celebrity trend. Some of the most talented and influential people in the arts, sciences, letters, performing arts and athletics incorporate floating as an important component of their conditioning. Floating helps them deliver their best performance by calming their nerves, sharpening their mental focus, relieving pain and recalibrating their sensory response. They have to be at their best, and so do you"

Our Packages Include:

  1. Expert Consultation
  2. Design of your float environment
  3. Expert installation
  4. Training in Management and Marketing by industry experts
  5. Continued support

Without a float environment, can you really say your spa is on the cutting edge? Call The Float Experts today and learn how adding a float environment will enhance your guests’ experience physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually — all while benefiting your bottom line.

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