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The Float Experts are a team of seasoned professionals who will deliver the best of float therapy and practices to your spa. With over 100 years combined experience, we are able to offer Destination, Luxury and Medical Spas the best fit in manufacturers, designers, personalized staff training and individually created marketing and promotional support.

Since the early 1970s when float tanks first became popular, a person wanting the experience would have to go to a local float center, or purchase a tank for personal use. These float tanks were brilliant yet basic in design. The industry has grown a lot in the last 15 years. Now manufactures are being called to a higher purpose. The traditional float tanks from the 70s have been updated into pods, orbs, single rooms and double rooms. The science has gotten updated too and with that, the clientele. Athletes love them for the recovery and focus abilities. The Military uses them for relaxation and PTSD. Philosophers use them to expand their minds. Celebrities and CEO’s use them to help them in their creativity and profound freedom. Having a Float Environment in your Destination, Luxury or Medical Spa will attract more of these people as well as your typical clientele who will appreciate the opportunity to try an experience. Bundle float with massage, facials, energy work, and your guests will leave your facility transformed.

Kalyn has been floating herself since 1985. She has over 10,000 hours in the tank and has floated worldwide. Kalyn has been consulting with local float centers on their procedures and reviewed centers for safety and protocols since 1986. She was mentored by Lee Perry who, with her husband Glenn worked side by side with John C Lilly, the inventor of the original Samadhi Float Tank. Lee opened the first Float Center in Beverly Hills, CA in 1973 and embraced the roll of the Mother of Floats. She passed in April 2021. Kalyn is the last woman standing who Lee personally trained who is still in the float business. Kalyn has had 2 successful float centers, Cloud Nine Flotation in Tucson AZ. Now she is passing on her expertise, and the 50 year tradition of Float Therapy to you.
Kalyn Wolf, owner of Cloud Nine Flotation
Kalyn Wolf
Owner and proprietor
Diane has over 32 years of experience in her field, and is an avid floater who has floated internationally. Diane will work with your facility with design exploration and construction permits. She is an expert in building relationships to work together with the spa contractor and team to assure a build-out done in ease with safety as well as a beautiful, functional healing space in mind.
Diane Krebs

Our Float Tank Manufacturers

The Float Experts only work with the best. For us that means a manufacturer with longevity, and a proven track record in customer service and safety. There are many manufacturers, and navigating through them yourself, without the guidance of an experienced team can be daunting. Our first step is finding the best manufacturer for the vision you have for your float space and location.


According to Dr Justin Feinstein of the Float Research Collection “In a world of 24/7 connectivity, float provides the brain with a much-needed respite from reality.


More people than you realize and what’s more important, not only the clients you want, but the clients you have too!


It’s a 30 million dollar + industry and for your resort that could means hundreds of thousands in additional annual revenue!



Let’s not waste another minute. Click below to request your discovery call to see if floating is right for your resort.

Why The Float Experts?

We only work with THE BEST in the spa and float industry to bring your clients the highest quality float experience. We are the only ones who offer an Elite experience from your first contact.

(Have worked with the pioneers) With over 38 years experience in the float industry, trained by those that pioneered float therapy, we have the expertise your resort needs to deliver a float experience unlike any other.

(We train your staff) Having served thousands of clients, we train your staff to provide your clients the most rewarding experience possible.

how we were trained, with care to detail and exquisite customer service

(We do your marketing) We are the only one stop float environment consultation service ensuring your float experience is complete from end to end.

full service float professionals. We’ll even help you with marketing to your existing clientele (guests) and local market.

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Best Support

Before, during, and after the install, we are there with you the whole way to make sure you succeed! Even after the sale, we are there for you.

Industry Experts

You are getting the best designers, installers, manufacturers, marketers and industry experts that the industry has to offer to ensure your success!

Before, during, and after the install, we are there with you the whole way to make sure you succeed! Even after the sale, we are there for you.

The Best in North America

While we have served float centers around the world, it’s the US where we have had the greatest success! Lets us bring that expertise to you.

How It Works?

Our process is simple.

Schedule your Discovery Appointment

Where we will discuss your goals for your clients and your resort and identify next steps… The first step is setting up your goal – pick your environment.

Meet our Experts

From the very first meeting you will start with Kalyn, our Founder, and benefit from her expertise to create the perfect environment. After that, you will also work with the rest of our competent team of professionals to ensure the perfect experience. who will be glad to assist you.

Get ready for the Ride

Building out a float environment takes time and planning. Together we’ll figure out the time lines and set expectations for your build-out and training.

What people say about us.

Kalyn is a great advocate for the float therapy industry. The program she has developed promotes the uptake of float therapy and showcases the many benefits. The program also provides a nice introduction to a number of mindfulness techniques and tools for those new to the practice. Kalyn’s warm and caring approach to her customers and community are evident in all of her content and presentations.
Trudy Ellery
Owner of Flow Floatation & Sensory Retreat, Victoria Australia
As the founder & CEO of a fast-growing IT company, I am constantly under pressure to perform. Unchecked, the stress leads to frustration and feeling overwhelmed. I am grateful for Floating. Thanks to Kalyn and her staff, the emotional healing and personal growth that is taking place each day is profound.
David Woodruff
CEO, Tucson AZ

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