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Kalyn Wolf, Founder Cloud Nine Flotation

Cloud Nine Mission Statement

At Cloud Nine Flotation and Relaxation we aim to provide a healing environment that facilitates personal introspection through cutting edge technology, encouraging a deeper state of awareness thereby increasing happiness, ease of motion, and higher consciousness.

About Cloud Nine Flotation

Experience and peace is what sets us apart from the rest. With over 30 years experience in the field of floating and sensory deprivation, Cloud Nine prides itself on offering the only truly sensory deprivation experience in Tucson. The rooms that house our tanks are completely blacked out once the lights are off, our building is adobe brick, we are on a slab foundation, and on a quiet street. Our traditional tanks are well insulated. We have designed our hallways to be dimly lit so when you exit your room you are not hit with a bright light. Even the bathroom has a skylight, and a color changing light in the shower. When you leave Cloud Nine you exit onto a quiet street in a neighborhood with no cross traffic. All of this is designed with you in mind. The last thing you want to experience after leaving your float environment is loud noises, bright lights and the need to navigate heavy traffic. We are located in a quiet neighborhood that you can meander in before needing to head into the world of traffic and sensory overload.We are also the only float center in Tucson that regularly attends all the float conferences, and we are the only members of the Floatation Tank Association, which sets float center standards.

About Kalyn Wolf

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t wondering why we do what we do. Somewhere between seeing the deeper meaning, and no meaning of life, I discovered my purpose, which is to connect with people on a deep level, and allow them to see, with ease their beauty and wisdom. I have studied at the side of many magnificent teachers including my father and mother, Stewart Emory, Anthony Robbins, Marsha Martin, Ellie Drake, Lew and Francine Epstein, John Panama and Rosalyn Bruyere. This stellar list does not include the thousands of every day people who have been great teachers to me from the homeless to affluent.

At the age of 14 I realized my own innate healing ability and studied with many professional healers in and around the Los Angeles Area and beyond. In the early 80’s, I had a very successful energy healing practice in Los Angeles, and had my first flotation tank experience in early 1985. When I moved to Tucson later that year, I opened Cloud Nine Flotation Center, the premiere flotation tank facility in Southern Arizona. Later in 1986, along with 3 others we founded the Synergy Center which included Floating, a Mind Gym, Massage, Colon Hydro-Therapy, yoga and dance.

In 1990 I sold Cloud Nine and moved to Oregon to start a family. Switching gears in 2005, I had a successful career in Corporate America. Having come full circle, I am back in Tucson, and now offering my unique blend of energy centered healing, and combining it with floating.

New technology and advanced techniques makes flotation tanks a resource that many can use to enhance and improve everything from sports performance to meditation practice. Members are finding better living with chronic health and anxiety issues, it provides a valuable tool for athletes, spiritual adventurers, chronic pain sufferers, and people seeking an unconventional path to very conventional results.

Combining regular flotation with energetic/spiritual healing maximizes benefits well beyond tank time. The combination enables members to Regenerate, Repair, Replenish and Revitalize; The 4 R’s of Flotation Energy Therapy (FET ™).

Members of Cloud Nine Flotation can take advantage of FET™ or a Spiritual Healing Session for the ultimate experience. I offer a combination of these two specialties for the first time anywhere, from my home studio in Tucson, AZ

And Finally: 

Flotation vs. Floatation

It's Spelled Flotation!
It’s Spelled Flotation!

In the Flotation industry there is a fun debate that goes on periodically about the spelling of the word, flotation/floatation. Some say the European way to spell it is Floatation, and somewhere along the way, the American’s adopted that spelling. When I started in the industry in 1986, the way I spelled it was Flotation. That’s why I spell it that way today. One of my colleauges in the industry was trying to convince me to change the spelling. “We don’t FLOT, we FLOAT!” he said. I maintain that it’s Flotation for no good reason. I’m not alone.  Check out this photo I took on a Southwest Airlines flight on my way from the Float Conference:

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Cloud Nine Flotation

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