How Floating Helped Me Accept I Am Trans

This Pride, we thought we’d share a personal story from within the float community from someone who used floating to help her find herself. Juliet Mylan is a trans woman who lives in Portland, Oregon and she has been gracious enough to share her experiences with floating and how it helped her understand her identity […]

How to Comfortably Float While Pregnant

by Float Tank Solutions | Buoy Blogs Floating has many potential benefits for both mom and baby, and so it’s not surprising to see a growing trend in floating while pregnant. Some take on floating to help reduce back pain, while others just love to hear their baby’s heartbeat without anything else around to distract them. The rise […]

Oh No! Another Post about Covid-19 but this is ALL good news.

Cloud Nine Remains Open with a Twist! You read that right. Cloud Nine is remaining open unless & until we feel it’s time to close, or we are told to by the CDC. There is a twist though, and it COULD affect you in a surprising and most wonderful way. It’s been a very long […]

Creativity and convergence

If humanity defines itself by anything, it is by our capacities to think critically and to adapt through our creative abilities. Although the critical thinking part gets a lot of attention, creativity is at the core of our being and is one of the main driving forces of productivity. Unfortunately, society values this productive output […]

“No” Time: It Could be the Missing Key to Your Success

By Kalyn Wolf At Cloud Nine Flotation, many businessmen are regular clients. They tell me they use floating each week to enhance their creativity, expand their thinking processes and increase clarity and intuition. Many note they look forward to their tank sessions, particularly when they are stymied by a problem because they have discovered that […]

Improve Thyself: Betterment by Buoyancy

Imagine yourself – who are you and where are you REALLY going? What do you truly know about yourself?            You’ve found your parking spot, stop to take a few conscious breaths after turning off your car, and step out. You take the short walk to our float center, and as you open the door you’re […]

For a Better Time Together, Spend Time Alone

“What? Sorry, can you say that again – I was distracted.”             This is a phrase that’s all-too-commonly uttered these days. However, it seems apparent that it’s less a sign of personal failure and more an indication that the technological world we’re surrounded by is, indeed, incredibly distracting. Some of this is accidental, but much […]

Floating: The Ultimate Wingman for New Year’s Resolutions

As you consider what changes you want to make in your life for the new year, it’s worth also spending some time thinking about how you are going to make sure that you actually follow through with them. There are people who joke that their main New Year’s resolution is to not break their New […]

Lonely but not Alone…


In many ways, our culture has fostered an unhealthy relationship with time spent alone. Even the words that we use to describe alone time are often steeped in some kind of negative connotation. Solitude. Seclusion. Withdrawal. Loneliness. Loneliness is especially telling: the etymology of the word is simply in the act of being alone, but […]

Fight, Flight or Float

You’ve probably heard of our fight or flight response – when we’re presented with stressful or threatening situations (like being chased by a hippopotamus), our body’s autonomic nervous system responds by preparing for action. Our heart rate increases, our breathing picks up, and blood flows from our core out to our limbs (along with a […]

‘No’ Time: Become an Expert in Nothing

Aug 31, 2021 07:00AM ● By Kalyn Wolf “I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.” ~Albert EinsteinNo one would ever call Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs lazy slouches, yet they both regularly took full advantage of doing “nothing” as a verb. Einstein accepted […]

Up From the Depths


As a vehicle for both relaxation and recovery, float tanks are fairly unparalleled. There are lots of studies and anecdotes about the benefits that even a single hour float can offer. The most profound (and often inspiring) results, however, actually come from floating more regularly. We hear this everyday in our conversations with our members […]

Where Did Float Tanks Come From?

History of Floating

Hopping into a soundproof, light-proof box filled with saltwater may be a popular relaxation therapy today, but those just discovering it are likely asking themselves: “who came up with this strange device, and when were float tanks developed?” In order to answer those questions, we first have to ask “why did they want to make […]

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