Oh No! Another Post about Covid-19 but this is ALL good news.

Cloud Nine Remains Open

with a Twist!

You read that right. Cloud Nine is remaining open unless & until we feel it’s time to close, or we are told to by the CDC. There is a twist though, and it COULD affect you in a surprising and most wonderful way.

It’s been a very long week of upheaval hasn’t it? I know it has been for me. Literally overnight, my professional world came to a halt when ALL of the Cloud Nine however is NOT a personal services business. It’s an alternative health center and like acupuncture, and chiropractors, we are allowed to stay open.  I was supposed to be a vendor at the street fair today to promote floating and my other health products, well you know the story. For the first time in 50 years, no street fair. I’m not alone. ALL of us have been affected by Corona. The trick is to find the blessing in it.

YES! Pollyanna is one of my heroines.

As far as I’m concerned Pollyanna was kick ass! She fought against the established thought of the day, she questioned authority, and brought healing to the ill of mind and/or body. She brought love to the unlovable, and sanity to insane times. I proudly claim Pollyanna as one of my spirit characters.

Now I’m not stupid, and I would NEVER put you in unnecessary risk. I come from a different place about things, probably because I had a float center in the 80’s when AIDS was happening. I know and practice the most thorough sanitation practices you can have.

There are two things that makes me feel it’s important to stay open. 

1) You. I know you are stressed out, and with most of the massage studios and ALL of the gyms, bars and restaurants closing, you HAVE to have somewhere to relax. Where better than in a warm, dark, zero gravity environment of a flotation tank? The salt density is so high, nothing grows in there. Is there a chance you get contract the virus here? I don’t think there is any more of a change you could contract it here than there is at the grocery store. Less in fact because there are far fewer people passing through here, and we are far cleaner.

2) You again. I understand not everyone is going to want to float. Did you know that I am an energy healer too? I’ve been giving Intuitive Counseling and Healing Energy (Reiki) professionally since 1985. I had a full time practice in Los Angeles, and in fact when I started Cloud Nine in 2015 it was to attract people to me for Natural Healing. I got off track along the way, and Corona is bringing me back to my purpose, and my purpose is healing. By the way…did you know that the word Corona in almost every language means Crown? I find that interesting.

New Rules

1) Only one person can float at time (unless you are a couple). This will keep social distancing in tact. You will only be subjected to one other person, and that’s me or Beth our Flotitican. We have no signs of infection, and if we do show signs, I WILL close down. That’s my promise.

2) We are wiping down all the door knobs, bathroom surfaces, and float room surfaces in between each guest. The chances of you getting infected here are miniscule.


1) Don’t come in if you aren’t called to it. (see out off site services)

2) Don’t come in if you are symptomatic.

3) Bring your own towels if you feel called to.

I have Floats on credit.

If I don’t use them will they expire?

1) Absolutely not! If you receive an email saying that your float is about to expire, let me know, and I’ll extend it.

2) If you’d like, I will exchange floats already paid for, for Intuitive Counseling and/or Energy Healing for no additional charge. If you are uncertain about coming to the center, or you are symptomatic, we can have our session on Zoom, or Facetime. I can also do remote healing for you.

What can YOU do to help?

Buy a Gift Card!

PLEASE share my online store with your peeps. I have products I can ship like Hand Sanitizer and McShea Dream Cream. www.FloatTucson.com/Store

Please buy gift certificates for ALL your favorite local businesses who are shut down by this.

  • Buy them for yourself
  • Buy them for your friends and family
  • Buy them for your clients
  • Buy them for your children’s teacher, who works SO hard taking care of their minds the rest of the year
  • Buy them for a hospital worker.  Those guys are working their asses off at the moment.  They’re going to need some serious R&R at the end of all this.
  • Buy them for your postal worker. They’ve been working double time bringing you all those deliveries while you’re home.

Figure out how much you would normally spend at your favorite businesses in a month, and a buy a gift certificate for that amount.  Your purchase of gift certificates now is an investment in a vibrant community of locally-owned businesses later on that managed to survive the drought as a result of your investment.  Especially our amazing restaurants. It’s really important.

Trust me … your future self will deeply thank your past self when they get to redeem that sweet gift certificate after this period of chaos is over and you get to slip back into that warm salt water or onto our heated massage table.  You’ll see then what an incredibly smart and compassionate person past self was.

Gift certificates can be purchased online and delivered via email.

Purchase online 24/7 at: https://cloudnine.floathelm.com/store/giftcards

So … that’s the news for now, friends.   

This too shall pass!   Remember to breathe, enjoy time in nature, take some time every day to just close your eyes, watch your thoughts, drop into that floaty space that your neural network has become accustomed to and let all the stress and noise drift away.  You’ve got this.  We’ve got this.  We’ll get through it together.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  I will respond personally.

Buoyantly yours,



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