Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI/Concussions) and Floating

Pain from Headaches can be relieved in the Flotation Tank.

Pain from Headaches can be relieved in the Flotation Tank.


There is new and compelling information that links the benefits of a Flotation Tank with TBI’s. If you know anyone with a TBI please share this webinar with them. It’s VERY credible, and filled with fantastic and very hopeful information from Navy Seal trainers. You can book your appointment at Cloud Nine Flotation by going to Today!  



How Navy SEALs Are Using

Float Tanks To Treat


Posted by Ryan Munsey | January 07, 2016

Retired Navy SEALs Jeff Nichols and Alex Oliver are at the forefront of concussion treatment, using sensory deprivation, or float tanks, to help rewire the brain, treat concussion symptoms, and accelerate learning.

Alex and Jeff from Optimal Performance

Alex and Jeff from Optimal Performance

Together Jeff Nichols and Alex Oliver own Virginia High Performance, a performance training facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Before opening VHP, both served our country as Navy SEALs where they experienced multiple concussions and dealt with the headaches, loss of sleep and hormonal disruption that followed. They also experienced the benefits that float tanks provide for healing and treating the symptoms of concussions. Since then, they’ve helped hundreds of Special Forces Operators recover from concussions and they’re pushing science forward with brain tracking devices and treatment protocols that could change concussion treatment as we know it.

What You’ll Learn About Navy SEALS, float tanks and Concussions in this episode:

  • How 2 Navy SEALS became concussion experts
  • The optimal floating frequency to rewire the brain, reduce headaches, and restore sleep
  • The difference between impact concussions from collisions VS. blast/overpressure concussions
  • Why concussion signs don’t show up until 5 minutes after the brain injury
  • Getting the science and proving the results and writing “treatment” protocols
  • How floating helps rewire the brain and Central Nervous System
  • How concussions shut down the pituitary gland – impacting serotonin, dopamine, growth hormone, testosterone, and IGF-1 – and negatively impacting performance and optimal health
  • We’ve seen the results on concussed individuals – what can we expect for “normal” or healthy individuals
  • How European Soccer is protecting players better than the NFL – and the guy that the NFL told to “shut up”
  • The link between sleep, concussions and recovery
  • Breathing and replicating the benefits of floating without floating 3 times a week
  • The power of establishing routines to elicit optimal performance
  • The #1 Performance Enhancer for the Elite 1% performers
  • Increasing stress resiliency and pushing your breaking point further and further
  • How to help your brain receive and process more data
  • How your phone is CRUSHING your sleep and your health
  • Get more from Jeff, Alex and Virginia High Performance
  • Jeff and Alex give us their Top 3 tips to #LiveOptimal

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