Floating for Vets and First Responders

Floating (Zero Gravity Therapy) For Veterans & First Responders

Veterans and First Responders are among those who benefit the most from the unique combination of benefits that floating and sensory deprivation offer. In combination with other traditional therapies, it can be an incredible tool for unwinding the effects of PTSD and its many co-factors – such as depression and anxiety – in addition to aiding recovery from traumatic brain injuries, concussions and blast-induced neurotrauma. The large transdermal (via skin) exposure of magnesium-rich Epsom salts is also one of the most effective ways of physically de-stressing the body and helping return it to peak performance. There’s even some preliminary evidence suggesting that neurological changes that occur during a float – stimulation of the nucleus accumbens, the dopamine center, with simultaneous de-activation of the medial prefrontal cortex, where (often compulsive) decisions are made – may aid in recovery from addictive behaviors that often follow sufferers of PTSD.

Watch the 3 minute video below to see how one veteran is dealing with his PTSD using Floating.

Many vets and first responders find the solitude of the float tank environment to be a refreshingly different and comfortable space for processing their personal thoughts and memories. The following video captures what the experience of floating can be like for many veterans, and also contains interviews with veterans and others who use floating to deal with PTSD, TBIs and concussions.

We have created a Facebook Group specifically for Veterans who either want to share their experience of Floating (Zero Gravity Therapy) or who are interested in learning more. It’s a closed group, so if you are interested in joining (or browsing) contact me (Kalyn) at info@floattucson.com to let me know and I’ll add you with your email address. Here is a link to the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/ZeroGravityForVeterans/

You can book your appointment at Cloud Nine Flotation by going to www.FloatTucson.com/book Today!

Please click on the video below to view our friends video at Oly Float

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The active and retired military/veteran community is one that Cloud Nine Flotation really loves to serve.  Veterans are in the “sweet spot” of beneficial gain from floating, and are often highly underserved by the existing institutions available to them, or the traditional solutions that are made available (typically pharmacology and psychotherapy) just don’t work for them.   We also realize that veterans often find themselves in a lower economic bracket due the physical and psychological issues afflicting they transition back into civilian life.

Podcast: How Navy SEALs Use Float Tanks To Treat Concussions

There is new and compelling information that links the benefits of a Flotation Tank with TBI’s. If you know anyone with a TBI please share this webinar with them. It’s VERY credible, and filled with fantastic and very hopeful information from Navy Seal trainers. You can donate to the Freedom Floats project by sending a donation to this link  

Retired Navy SEALs Jeff Nichols and Alex Oliver are at the forefront of concussion treatment, using sensory deprivation, or float tanks, to help rewire the brain, treat concussion symptoms, and accelerate learning.

And How SEALs Use Float Tanks For Recovery & Superlearning

This clip from Big Think, featuring Jamie Wheal of the Flow Genome Project, explains how Navy SEALs are using floating not just for recovery from injuries and exertion, but also as a superlearning tool, to compress six months of language study into just six weeks.




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