Flotation Therapy

No Phones. No Texts. No Tweets. Just YOU uninterrupted.


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Energy Healing

Unproductive patterns need to be broken so that we can start anew, and feel happy again.

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FET™ (Flotation Energy Technique) in the tank is receiving an extra boost of energy while in a very relaxed and open state.

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Regarding Sanitation

Because of Covid-19 Cloud Nine has instituted a few new safety steps for all of our protection. • If you would like us to wear a mask, we are happy to accommodate your request. • When you walk in the door your Float Guide will take your temperature with a “no touch” digital thermometer. If it is high, (we are in Tucson and it does get hot) we will wait a few minutes for you to cool down and take your temperature again. If it’s still high, we’ll have to postpone your appointment. • We are a community. After your float you will be asked to wipe down the inside of your float cabin with Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes that we make here. Twenty minutes after your float, your Float Guide will also spray the inside of the float cabin with more hydrogen peroxide. • After you leave your Float Guide will wipe down all surfaces in the float rooms and bathroom including door knobs and handles. icons-floating And now back to our normal sanitation practices. At Cloud Nine Flotation we follow the sanitation practices that the CDC and Floatation Tank Association recommend, plus extras. The water is pristine and filtered twice daily and 3-5 times between float clients using a 5 stage purification system. At Cloud Nine we start with Reverse Osmosis Water (not Tucson municipal), which is further filtered through a structured water filter with shungite. The first line of defense is 800 pounds of epsom salts. Nothing can live or grow in that environment. The float solution is treated with 27% Hydrogen Peroxide, travels through a swimming pool type microfilter, moves through a UV light, then an Ozonator before it makes it’s way back into the tank. Using Doctor Masaru Emoto’s (from The Hidden Message in Water) method of structured water, words of encouragement and purity are also strategically placed on the tanks. Our bathroom, floors and walls are cleaned daily with hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and bleach when needed.

A word about the air quality at Cloud Nine Flotation. We have an AirScrubber® installed in our air ducts and A/C system. And AirScrubber® uses UV and Ozone technology to clear the air of mold spores, bacteria and virus. We’ve had the system for 4 years and it is on 24/7. The science behind this system is solid and really works. You might want to ask your HVAC guy about having one installed at your house.

Floating in a solution of high density Epsom salts and clean, pure water, heightens your intuition, deepens your sense of self and allows you to be free of all outside distractions and noise that can make you feel off balance. It is a place to heal your heart, your mind, your body. It is immersing yourself in liquid calm.
For all the latest “like” us on Facebook www.Facebook.com/cloudnineflotation, sign up for the newsletter by scrolling down to the bottom of the page, read this website, call us at 520-668-4017, or visit us on most weekends at the Farmer’s Market at St. Phillips Plaza on Campbell and River. Join our newsletter and Facebook page for the most up-to-date news. icons-floating Imagine an environment free from gravity, tension, stress and pain. That is what you will experience at Cloud Nine Flotation: Total comfort and relaxation. If you experience high stress, chronic pain, or you are just looking for a place to unplug from all the sensory invasion from the outside world, a session at Cloud Nine Flotation is exactly where you want to go. With over 30 years experience in the world of sensory deprivation tanks, we offer a safe place for relaxation, recovery, peace and meditation. Whether you have chronic pain, you are looking for stress relief, deeper mindfulness, or even a small respite from the weight of the world Cloud Nine Flotation offers a peaceful environment from the moment you walk through our doors.

“The Sensory Deprivation Chamber has been the most important tool I’ve ever used for developing my mind” – Joe Rogan

“I fell asleep. It was Wonderful, It was Peaceful, It was nice, it was great. Everyone should try it…Sensory Deprivation lowers your blood pressure, lowers your heart rate, and raises your serotonin levels naturally” – Dr. Ian Smith from The Rachael Ray Show

What Sets Cloud Nine Flotation Apart From Other Float Centers?

Glad you asked! What sets Cloud Nine Flotation apart from other float centers, is we have over 35 years experience in Float Therapy. Also, we are set in a quiet adobe home studio where you can relax and experience a gravity free environment, free from light and sound, in neutral temperature water; A TRUE Sensory Deprivation session. In essence, your body will feel like it’s disappearing, giving you blissful stress and pain reduction, and an expanded experience of yourself. After your float you will walk into a hallway that is dimly lit, and a naturally lit bathroom. No harsh lights to disturb your chill. After your shower, you walk into a peaceful space, and your car is right outside. You can take a quiet walk after your float if you desire, or meander in the neighborhood before having to navigate heavy traffic.


What are others saying about Float Therapy?

“I’m so used to trying to control or controlling as much of my life as possible, that the feeling of detachment in the tank was scary. Then the ideas came. I flipped them like a weird Rubik’s Cube over and over til I started to ask if this idea was even important to me; What does this mean to me; Do I even care for the answer anymore? I feel like I have more questions about the new questions I found.” ~Jimmy H

Having never experienced floating before, I was a little concerned about how it would go.  An entire 60 minutes of nothing?  I wasn’t sure if I could handle it.  But as soon as I got in the tank and felt the sensation of weightlessness, my concerns faded away.  Floating is a great experience for mind, body and spirit.  My body felt relaxed, my mind felt awake, yet relaxed and my spirit felt renewed.  I highly recommend this experience to athletes and professionals to decrease stress levels and unplug.”                                        

~Kate Warren, PT, DPT, CSCS, CEO
Evolve Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

Google Reviews

Martha Chinnock, 5 days ago

Cloud Nine Flotation is such a hidden gem! I loved my whole experience there - from the warm welcome Kalyn gave all the way to the amazing zen I felt when I left. The float chamber was perfection in temperature, and lack of light - so peaceful. I love my time in the Tardis room and can't wait to come back! Thanks Kalyn and Cloud Nine Flotation!

Monique Aquino (BomBoms), 2 weeks ago

Great First time flow experience. Very peaceful and relaxing. For a moment I was taken away from the loud noise life give and peace. Thank you for a great float, I would highly recommend this local business

Amanda Opstad, 3 weeks ago

I had a float today and added FET!! I could not have had a better experience. I have had floats before but this was above and beyond. I came out with complete relaxation and calmness! It was such an experience. I will definitely add this to a routine!!!

S Gen, 3 months ago

Had a wonderful first float today! Thank you Kalyn and Mona! I’m 6 months pregnant and it was so relaxing and allowed me to connect more fully with my baby, and be absolutely pain free as I floated there. It’s been about an hour since I left and I still feel so relaxed and refreshed. Highly recommend!

Carolyn Valenzuela, 3 months ago

This was my first time floating. The experience was greater than expected. All of my questions were addressed before asking. Instructions were perfect. Comfort was key. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I plan to return soon.

Angela Bevels, 3 months ago

For a newbie, it was a pleasant experience. Kaylin is very calm and explains everything you need to know prior to immersing yourself into a solid floatation tank. I appreciate the kind words of encouragement and my initiation into floating.

Taylor Ingalls, 3 months ago

I have to say today was my very first time ever experiencing ANYTHING like this before and just wow its almost hard to put into words exactly how it makes you feel. But zero gravity is definitely what it felt like for me at first but surprisingly after a little bit it felt like the water disappeared and I was swarmed by warm energy, it felt fuzzy and tingly all over my body. I honestly cannot wait to go back again and I will definitely be telling my friends because this is an opportunity that would be a shame to miss out on. I HIGHLY recommend for anyone that wants to either try something new or is on their spiritual journey and need to heal themselves. Thank you for creating this I really am truly thankful from the bottom of my heart. I have always felt out of place and for once I felt like I was at home 😊

Jeff F, 3 years ago

It's a Mind exploring adventure. The staff was very informative. Facility is clean and organized. They have all kinds of packages for floating. After my time was up we visited and discussed future float options. Music and frequency. There is an assortment of spiritual items for sale, to take home too. I will be back for more time out time in the tank.. Thank You guys.

Andrew Jenkins, 5 months ago

Kalyn is an amazing individual and her services are phenomenal! She is a one a of a kind human being. I would recommend this to every single person 🙂

Jeff Saunders, 9 months ago

I tried it for the first time this week, it was very relaxing and time did get away from me and I enjoyed it. Wonderful experience and professional instruction helped.


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