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Our Downtown Radio Spot!


The LIBR (Laureate Institute of Brain Research) Paper. Published Feb 2, 2018. This PROVES that floating is good for anxiety and other ailments:

The Paper


Podcasts and Webcasts

Tompkins Family Chiropractic Episode 20. What is Floating with Kalyn Wolf

The Duncan Trussell Family Hour LIVE at Float Con 2017 with Chris Ryan

Tim Ferriss: Are Psychedelic Drugs the Next Medical Breakthrough? (Features Floating)

Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell on Float Tanks and Meditation (webcast)        

Navy Seals on the benefits of floating for people with Traumatic Brain Injury (webcast)


Float Nation. A full documentary about floating (1hour)

KGUN 9’s Max Darrow interviews local veteran Bruce Siegal about how he copes with PTSD with floating.

Welcome to Cloud Nine

Kevin Adger from local Tucson stations KOLD and Fox 11 interviews Kalyn Wolf of Cloud Nine Flotation:

Video One from KOLD Jan 4, 2016

Video Two from Fox 11 Jan 4. 2016

Alex Gregory MBE (Team GB Rowing), 2012 London Olympics Gold Medalist and captain for the Coxless Four in Rio 2016 Floats for post training recovery and relaxation. Watch his video testimonial and enjoy!

Alex Gregory, Gold Metal Olympian

Doctor Oz calls Flotation Therapy the “Ultimate in Healing and Relaxation”. He also calls it Epsom Salt Flotation Therapy, but he’s the only one who does that. Check out this segment from his show on Oct 6, 2015:

Doctor Oz Enters the Tank! Does a segment on Flotation Therapy

Joe Rogan calls Flotation Therapy “The Most Powerful Tool for Self-Development”:

Joe Rogan on Flotation Therapy

Can Pregnant Women Float? Author Judith Schuler on Tucson’s Morning Blend shares the benefits of floating during pregnancy:

The Morning Blend Pregnancy and Floating

THE LIST 3 Flotation Therapy Benefits segment on Oct 28, 2015:

The List TV segment

Crystal Singing Pyramid demo 1

Crystal Singing Pyramid demo 2


Natural Awakenings: Kalyn Wolf Metaphysical Plumber

How Flotation Tanks Work!

What Does Tom Brady Know?

I Tried Sensory Deprivation Floatation Therapy Because I’m NOT Messing Around with Relaxation Aug 15, 2016 Yahoo Sports


NEW Research study from the Univ. of Waikato, New Zealand

— Authors —
Matthew W. Drillera and Christos K. Argus

Click here for Article from New Zealand

Why I Float-A Doctor’s Perspective,¬†Robbie Drummond, MD.

Time Magazine on Floating and Stress Reduction/PTSD

New York Times Oct 17, 2015  Climb In, Tune In: A Renaissance for Sensory Deprivation Tanks.

io9 Article: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Vogue Sept 2015: Getting Tanked: One Writer’s 60 Minutes in Sensory Deprivation

Nautilus Aug 2015: Postcards From the Edge of Consciousness

Paramount Sports Recovery: Why every Athlete should jump into a Float Tank

Pain Doctor: Fibromyalgia and Floating

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