Hey Pain,

McShea to the Rescue

With 19 all-natural ingredients, McShea dream cream soothes the pain and discomfort fast.

McShea Dream Cream has helped relieve:
Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Inflammation, Growing Pains, Menstrual Cramps, Rashes, Skin Conditions, Hives, Pain from Shingles, MS, Stiffness, Itching, Sleep Issues, Pre & Post Workout, and more.


“I’ve used McShea in the past for MS pain and it has worked great! Immediate AND continuous relief. Recently I broke out with an autoimmune flare up and used McShea for both pain and for moisturizer. The last time I had this, it lasted for three weeks. I visited two specialists and they treated it with both steroids and acne cream. Nothing worked. After a couple of days, you can see the results with the McShea cream. The dry skin and flaking are still noticeable but the inflammation and pain (minus a little itching) is gone! After 6 days, the results are stunning. Thank you Kalyn for bringing me some immediate relief!” -David Ealy 8/11/19

“I gave myself a 2nd degree burn by making my morning coffee badly. The water, straight from the kettle, spilled all over my forearm. It hurt like heck, and after I cooled it down with water, I applied McShea Dream Cream 3 times a day. After the 3rd day the blister popped and drained very little liquid. On day 7 the blister peeled, and on day 16 I can barely tell I had such a burn. My skin is back to normal with no scar. Yes, I developed McShea, but I had no idea when I did that it would work so well on 2nd degree burns.” – Kalyn Wolf, Tucson AZ 2/1/2020

“This is a miracle cream! My knee, arm and shoulder burns and hurts from 13 years of caretaking my husband and overuse. It hurts so badly I sometimes can’t move at all. McShea took the pain away in seconds! I’m able to walk again without the burning pain, and my arm and shoulder could not extend, and now they will without the pain! Thank you so much! I recommend McShea to everyone with pain. I won’t be without it. 5 Stars isn’t enough. I say 10 Stars!!”- Maria Echeverria, Tucson AZ 8/7/19

“I burned my finger on the stove, and immediately stuck it in McShea (my wonder cream). It never blistered, or even changed color. There was no pain either. I use this cream for everything that hurts. It hasn’t let me down. -Elaine Baum, Los Angeles, CA 1/30/2020

“I met this wonderful lady and company (McShea) Saturday at the Tucson Celtic Festival. I had just been diagnosed the day before with arthritis in my spine. I woke up on Saturday barely able to move my neck it was so stiff and hurt terribly. At 9am or so we came across them and she offered us to try her product so I did, within 5 minutes I could feel relief, my neck was relaxing, the pain was less so I bought a little $5 sampler to take home with me. BUT by 6pm I was completely pain free! Earlier I could move my head maybe an inch to the left and right, but when I stopped back by at 6pm I could touch my chin to both my shoulders completely PAIN FREE! That was just one application and it lasted over 9 hours because I still had a 3 hour drive home and I woke up the next day not as sore as usual! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I can’t wait to order more wonderful things from you!  ♥️♥️♥️♥️”                          Judy-Elaine Bowman, Tucson AZ 11/2/19

“I’m at the Scottish Highland games and there was a the lady who created the product had me try McShea Dream Cream & I just tried for nerve pain caused by shingles years ago & it’s already working.” – Erin Horgan Lunn, AZ 11/3/19

“I’ve been using McShea Dream Cream for a week and it has really helped my bad knee. I massage it in several times a day and it feels good. Also, I have a sore spot on my hand that is so much better with applying the cream to it. Thank you.” 5 Stars! June Chase, Tucson AZ

“The Ingredients are so well chosen, I have been using it for peripheral neuropathy in my toes and it really works well. I also use it for skin issues. Amazing healing properties!!”                                            5 Stars – David Ellis, Tucson, AZ 

“My rash on my left wrist and hand is almost gone after just one use of the lotion. There was no pain and I was able to finally get a good night sleep, and there was hardly any pain when I got up this morning. Would buy the lotion when you start to sale it. Thank you.”  5 Stars!!  – Sylvia, Tucson

“I tried a sample of cream on one swollen arthritic finger I have and it reduced the pain and stiffness by about 50% in the first application. I tried it again on the same finger and it is definitely helping.                 I suspect I need to use it regularly to get the full benefits. This cream is great!” – Deborah Lindemann, Ft Collins, CO

“This product worked great! I used the cream multiple times on my neck and back areas and each time I used it within just a few minutes my pain had almost completely vanished. As someone who lives with chronic back pain for me to find a product that actually works and is not a pill of some sort is amazing. And it smells great too.” 5 Stars!!! – Sierra L., Tucson

“I need more of THAT cream. It came and I took it in from the warm mailbox, brought it inside and rubbed it on my “death by 1000 needles” back. It’s very numbing and soothing. It kicked in almost immediately. It’s been about half an hour and I’m able to lie down on my back, and I feel a minty coolness that is quite pleasant The scent was pleasant too. I’ll take a gallon. I like the consistency and the scent, and the texture is great.  The cream really helped to ease my back pain, neuropathy, osteoarthritis in my thumbs, and about a million other aches and pains! The cream worked almost instantly to start to numb pain.”  5 Stars!!!  – Lily S., Excelsior, MN

“After a good run of no MS symptoms, I got a major flare up last night. It was awful. Worst it’s ever been. Normally I use C* gummies which takes away about 10-15% of the pain. I tried the McShea Dream Cream along with some gummies and it’s improved at least 50%! The nice thing about the cream is that I felt relief instantly.” 5 Stars!!!  – David Ealy Phoenix, AZ*

McShea Dream Cream, Soothe the Pain

As both an energy healer and a flotation tank center owner, I’ve met many people who struggle with pain. And while floating certainly helps, the largest portion of each day is spent in other activities…meaning that each and every day, people are suffering. Of course, drugs exist that offer some relief, but for most individuals who have chronic pain, they do not offer consistent results and are often fraught with harmful side effects if used over long periods of time.

I had run across other pain creams, but none with all the safe and effective ingredients I knew were possible. I had created some remedies in the past that worked well, and knew I could do better. I started dreaming about a topical cream…a cream with significant trans-dermal qualities, so that beneficial, analgesic ingredients could be applied directly to any part of the body without involving the digestive system. I’d used essential oils in my practice and had listened to thousands of clients over the years, documenting what did and did not work for relief of pain, so I had a basis to start investigating what might make a soothing cream for the treatment of pain.

Once my research was complete, I consulted with chemists and suppliers. I came up with a formula, and prepared a batch of what I christened McShea Dream Cream. I put that first cream into small jars and sent it to people all over the country with chronic pain, followed by a comprehensive survey, and the results were almost UNANIMOUS: McShea Dream Cream worked!


mcshea dream cream pain cbd creamMcShea is actually an acronym of some of the ingredients that comprise the cream:

M for Magnesium…
C for C*
S for Shea Butter
H for Honey & Hypericum
E for Emu Oil
A for Arnica 


(The cream also contains essential oils (lime, wintergreen, peppermint, helichrysum, ylang ylang, blue tansy, blue chamomile and osmanthus), distilled water, vegetable emulsion wax, grapefruit seed extract, jojoba oil, vegetable glycerin, love and Reiki energy.)

Just as important is what’s NOT in McShea Dream Cream: there are no steroids, no narcotics, no artificial preservatives or dyes and no harmful ingredients. Every ingredient I have used is organic, and each batch is prepared by me and my team, not carelessly in some giant factory.

Seeking a larger test group, I made more of the cream, got samples to a second group of testers along with more surveys, and the results were the same — McShea Dream Cream soothed their pain!

Those second round testers immediately began requesting larger quantities of the cream, and I began making more McShea Dream Cream and making it available at my flotation center, various places around town, and on the Cloud Nine Flotation website. The results have been absolutely incredible – like a dream com true for the people who use it.

If you have pain, I know you have tried other pills and lotions without success. I ask that you put aside your doubts and try a jar of McShea Dream Cream today. Rub a small amount onto the skin over your area(s) of discomfort (as long as that skin isn’t broken). That’s all there is to it. 

order and SOOTHE your pain today

Relieve Your Pain Today!

There are no harmful or habit-forming ingredients, so you can repeat the application as often as necessary. McShea Dream Cream soothes the pain.


Please speak with your healthcare provider about your medical and health concerns. C* is a proprietary blend of ingredients.

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