Going Into Your Float

  • Don’t shave or wax for 24 hrs before (it will burn when you enter the tank if you are recently shaved)
  • Eat a small meal 1 1/2 hours prior (if you are too hungry or too full your stomach will gurgle)
  • Remove your contacts (remember to bring a case and solution)
  • Don’t drink caffeine before (Caffeine makes you speed. The point is to slow down)

After you arrive and check in we’ll cover the basics together and answer your questions.

Next you’ll put in your earplugs, shower and step into the float tank. When you close the door to the tank within a few minutes the light will go out. You’ll hear 10 minutes of nice music, and you’ll float.

When your hour is done, music fades in, easing you out of your float. When you open the door, the lights will go on. Pat yourself dry while in the tank and step out. Rinse off the salt water, get dressed and bask in your post-float glow.

You will want to drink a lot of water after your float, just like after a massage. You are welcome to some complimentary tea, and perhaps to write down your experience in a journal.

Your first float will include everything you need. We’ll discuss your options for further floats before you leave.

Simple and Powerful

Flotation is the most relaxing therapeutic service available. The unique environment in the tank offers the most natural place for relaxation, pain relief, and better sleep. Your body and brain are put back into a state of balance.

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