Who Benefits from Floating?

ohio stateAthletes

Athletes have been enjoying the benefits of Epsom Salt baths for a long time.  Performance Recovery is an integral part of any athlete’s training. 

A young mom and her daughter out for a run together

Moms on the go:

Imagine shutting out the entire world, no honking horns, no noisy televisions, no phones ringing, no texts messages, no one knocking on the bathroom door.  Imagine the ability to be completely be alone with yourself. No Phones, No Texts, No Tweets. Just You, Uninterrupted in a gravity free environment for as long as you like. Now doesn’t that sound like a piece of heaven? 

Pain from Headaches can be relieved in the Flotation Tank.

People with Chronic Pain

Doctor Oz calls Flotation Therapy “The Ultimate in Healing and Relaxation”. Whether you suffer from Fibromyalgia, Arthritis or any other chronic condition that is accompanied by physical discomfort and emotional distress, FET™ will improve the ability of your body and your mind to develop long term resilience. 

00320People who have a Traumatic Brain Injury

Retired Navy SEALs Jeff Nichols and Alex Oliver are at the forefront of concussion treatment, using sensory deprivation, or float tanks, to help rewire the brain, treat concussion symptoms, and accelerate learning. 

Pregnant Woman Floating 1Pregnant women

Floating in waters with your unborn baby is an experience every mom to be should have. Listen to the heartbeat of you and your baby. Relax on your back safely, as your joints and back enjoy a rest from the extra weight. Reduce not only your stress, but your swelling as well. A flotation tank experience throughout your pregnancy is an exquisite rest for mom and baby alike. 

090311-6PTSD Sufferers

According to the Mayo Clinic, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. For many PTSD sufferers, flotation therapy reduces symptoms and fosters peace of mind. Regular flotation may help you regain control of your life. 


Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, R.E.S.T. has been around since 1954 when John Lilly created the first flotation tank. New research is showing it’s efficacy and application in sports recovery, relaxation from the outside world, a time away from time, and so much more. 

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