Massage Chair

truMedic InstaShiatsu MC-2000 Massage Chair

truMedic InstaShiatsu MC-2000 Massage Chair therapy tucson
truMedic InstaShiatsu MC-2000 Massage Chair

Adding a session in our Massage Chair before and/or after your Float allows you to extend your relaxation and enjoy your float more.

A Dynamic Massage Experience

truMedic, the brand you trust for massage and wellness, has set a new standard for value in the luxury massage chair market. The InstaShiatsu+ MC-2000 has an extensive range of massage functions that will deliver a customizable professional quality massage – just the way you want it! This massage chair delivers an immersive experience that will instantly transport you to relaxation nirvana. People have described it as a “Next Generation” type chair.

Zero Gravity

This beautifully crafted chair glides into a zero gravity position smoothly and soundlessly. This position will delight you with the wonderful feeling of weightlessness, relieving pressure on your joints and soothing away all your tension. This feature ensures you achieve complete and total relaxation.

For more information about the truMedic chair at Cloud Nine Flotation click on this link truMedic

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