In just 60 minutes, you will experience the tranquility of a sensory deprivation tank leaving you feeling weightless like floating in space.

75 minutes allows you the extra fifteen minutes to settle into the experience so the hour is used more effectively. You can also book a 90-minute float for the best value.


Cloud Nine Prices (Updated Feb 2022) 
 We have other packages as well. See our Store at CloudNine.FloatHelm.com/store 
60 Minute Float$65.00
75 Minute Float$75.00
90 Minute Float$85.00
Energy Work 
Add FET™ to any float with Kalyn (Flotation Energy Technique)$30.00
Spiritual/Energy Healing (3 days of service) Contact Kalyn Privately$125.00
Massage Chair 
10 min session$20.00
30 min session$30.00
Introductory Floating Packages (Discount expires after 6 months, 1x purchase only)
Three 60 minute floats$165.00
Couples 60 minute float$120.00
Floating Packages (Discount expires after 1 year) 
3- 60 min Floats$180.00
6-60 minute Floats$350.00
 6-60 minute Floats with S.A.M.  $300.00
Non-member additional time:
Additional 30 minutes$25.00
Additional hour$60.00
Additional 90 min$80.00
Additional 2 hours$120.00
Frequent Floating Monthly Membership. Billed monthly, 3 month minimum. Includes a Goodie Bag, 15 min. experience in our massage chair with each float, discounts at several wellness businesses around town, and 50% off Birthday Floats.
Once a month float for 60 minutes & includes 1 additional service$55.00
Once a month float for 75 minutes & includes 1 additional service$65.00
Once a month float for 90 minutes & includes 1 additional service$75.00
Additional floats throughout the month. Sharable$55-$75
Member additional time:
Additional 30 min$20.00
Additional hour$50.00
Additional 90 min$70.00
Additional 2 hours$100.00
*Prices subject to change