Testimonials of Floating

Kate Warren

Kate Warren

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“Having never experienced floating before, I was a little concerned about how it would go.  An entire 60 minutes of nothing?  I wasn’t sure if I could handle it.  But as soon as I got in the tank and felt the sensation of weightlessness, my concerns faded away.  Floating is a great experience for mind, body and spirit.  My body felt relaxed, my mind felt awake, yet relaxed and my spirit felt renewed.  I highly recommend this experience to athletes and professionals to decrease stress levels and unplug.”

Kate Warren, PT, DPT, CSCS, CEO
Evolve Physical Therapy & Sports Performance




Karen Smith

Karen Smith

“Regular flotation sessions made my spinal osteo-arthritis bearable throughout a horrible Pennsylvania winter — so much so that I was able to avoid the opiates my doctor offered!”

“I lead a busy life, but carving out an hour last Tuesday night to float at Cloud Nine was like taking a week’s vacation in paradise — I came home relaxed and revitalized and couldn’t wipe the grin off my face!

The facility is comfortably housed in Kalyn Wolf’s home on Tucson’s east side. Wolf is a charming gal with decades of floatation and energy healing experience, so she quickly helps new clients feel at ease.

The bathroom is clean and well-equipped; wait until you turn on the shower (it’s fabulous)! Wolf provided silicon earplugs (to keep the upcoming saltwater out) and vaseline for any skin abrasions. After a shower and shampoo, I was ready for the flotation experience.

The tank is a cross between a pyramid and a pup tent in a serene room filled with an assortment of art available for purchase; the effect was soothing overall. I chose to start and end my session with with music, pressed a button on the speaker, climbed into the tank and closed the door.

Immediately, the tank seemed to disappear as I adjusted to the utter darkness. The water was indistinguishable from my own skin, and the soothing music allowed me to float into complete relaxation. This meditative state is unlike what I can achieve on dry land; it really is a short-cut to my own center and the universe beyond. I don’t really remember the music fading out,  but when it came on to indicate an hour had passed, it startled me – I had really been someplace else.

Sloughing off the water so as to keep most of it in the tank, I climbed out and headed back to that terrific shower to get the salt off my skin and hair, grinning all the while.

If you floated back in the day, you know the sensation. If you haven’t tried it yet, make an appointment at Cloud Nine. It’s unlike anything else!”
Karen Smith , Tucson AZ

Alberto Voli

Alberto Voli

“Although I had floated back when I was in college, it was not until January 2011 when I had bought my own personal tank that I began using it regularly and finding myself more and more relaxed, at ease and feeling an overall sense of euphoria that lasted for days. But the most drastic impact of floating regularly, above and beyond feeling more at peace, more energized and relaxed has been the tangible and real impact that it has had on the growth of my business. As a business owner, we get bombarded in all directions and get to experience challenges with cash flow, human resources , customers, vendors, marketing and long work hours. Before I bought my tank I found myself procrastinating more than I wanted to, feeling more immense stress and lethargic. But something happened as I began floating where my energy level went up, I could take challenges in stride and most importantly when apparent insurmountable problems surfaced, I was able to come up with viable solutions while in the flotation tank, that had not occurred to me during the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Floating has essentially provided me a vehicle to remove all outside stimuli and distractions and allowed me to come up with solutions that in turn have had the business grow exponentially since I began floating. If you are interested in experiencing greater levels of joy, peace, energy, relaxation and appreciation for the natural beauty that is already around us, I highly recommend that you try 3 or 4 floating sessions… The only word of caution is, you will find yourself addicted to how good it makes you feel !afterwards and you may be hooked like I am!”

Alberto Voli, Tucson, AZ


Mike LaCoss

“Had my first experience in a flotation tank(some call it an isolation or sensory deprivation tank). At one point in the float I was completely void of any sensory input, flying in infinite space as I was in awe of the whole adventure- it was a trip where anything was possible. An enlightening, invigorating and replenishing experience. That same night I slept like I was in a coma and woke up completely renewed. Highly recommend it to everyone.”          -Mike LaCoss, Tucson, AZ