Sanitation Practices

Covid-19 Sanitation Precautions

• Your Float Guide will wear a mask for your comfort.  Just ask.

• Immediately after your float your float tank is wiped down with Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes. At the end of each day, we spray the inside of the float cabin with more hydrogen peroxide.

• Your Float Guide wipes down all surfaces in the float rooms and bathroom including doorknobs and handles in between clients.

Since Oct 2015 Cloud Nine Flotation has been using the AirScrubber® air cleaning system, the same system used in hospitals. The AirScrubber® uses UV and Ozone technology to clear the air of mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. 


Our normal sanitation practices:
Cloud Nine follows all sanitation practices the CDC and Floatation Tank Association recommend.

  • The water solution is pristine and filtered 3-5 times between clients using a 5 stage purification system. This includes a 3mc pool filter, UV light, and Ozone in Reverse Osmosis Water (not Tucson municipal), which is further filtered through a structured water filter with shungite).
  • 800 pounds of epsom salts prevents bacteria and viruses to live or grow in that environment.
  • The float solution is treated with 27% Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Using Doctor Masaru Emoto’s (from The Hidden Message in Water) method of structured water, words of encouragement and purity are strategically placed on the tanks.
  • Our bathroom, floors and walls are cleaned daily with hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and bleach when needed.

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