Fear, Anxiety and Floatier Things Part 2

Fear, Anxiety & Floatier Things: Part 2 One response we hear over and over from people when we talk to them about floating is, “Oh no … I’m claustrophobic.” But … only 5% of the population is actually claustrophobic, according to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claustrophobia Claustrophobia is defined as: “the fear of being enclosed in a small […]

New Hours, & New Names

Things at Cloud Nine Flotation are dynamic! That means when inspiration hits, we act! In honor of national coming out day, I’m officially coming out as a Sci-Fi Nerd. To many this is no surprise, but I’ve been secretly calling my float tank a Tardis for years and now it’s official. Room #1 (which is […]

Fear, Anxiety & Floatier Things

October is typically a month of focus on scary things in our culture. Things that go bump in the night. Things that trigger our fears. Fears of mysterious threats in the dark, in particular. So that’s what we’re focusing on too throughout the month of October. Fear, anxiety and things that go bump in the […]

October Specials at Cloud Nine Flotation

October marks our 2nd year in business and to Celebrate we are offering 60 min single floats for $42 and a 3 pack of 60 min floats for $135!* Go to www.FloatTucson.com and click on Monthly Specials to book your float online! *Expires 3 months from purchase

October Specials are Very Special Indeed!

For the entire month of October, Cloud Nine Flotation is offering a special for people who have never floated here before! $42 for a single 60 min float or $135 for 3 – 60 min floats! Go to www.FloatTucson.com and click on Monthly Specials to take advantage of the offer and book your appointment. This […]

Cloud Nine Flotation Enters it’s Second Year!!

October 1, 2016 marks the 2nd year Cloud Nine Flotation has been in business. It normally takes about 18 months to see real progress on a big project. After planting seeds every day, watering them. Making sure they get sun, you need to move on to the next set of seeds. It’s called inspired action. […]

Cloud Nine Flotation Open Labor Day

Want to feel like you are floating on Cloud Nine this Labor Day? How cool would THAT be?! Make your appointment now before we fill up! www.FloatTucson.com

Cloud Nine Flotation Changes (You’ll like these)

Changes include: Price Changes (Some up, some down, some gone, some new!); Service Changes; New changes to come! It’s exciting for me to realize that a year has gone by since I first received the inspiration to re-open Cloud Nine Flotation. Our official anniversary is Sept 30, but I like Aug 1 because that’s when […]

10 Reasons to keep Epsom Salts in your House

Epsom Salts have long been used for easing muscle pain, constipation, and well…reasons explained in this video. Normally you might put a cup or two of Epsom Salt in your bath. Imagine entering a bath of 800 pounds of Epsom Salts. At Cloud Nine Flotation we use the highest quality, pharmaceutical epsom salts available. Enjoy […]