Cloud Nine Flotation Changes (You’ll like these)

Changes include: Price Changes (Some up, some down, some gone, some new!); Service Changes; New changes to come!

It’s exciting for me to realize that a year has gone by since I first received the inspiration to re-open Cloud Nine Flotation. Our official anniversary is Sept 30, but I like Aug 1 because that’s when we were re-conceived. In this last year we’ve experienced wonderful things. We have floated over 600 wonderful people, expanded to include massage therapy with two wonderful Certified Massage Therapists, Mark Davenport and Monika McGill, and our retail store continues to please our customers with the best in Gourmet Culinary Salts, Handmade Bath Salts, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Crystal Singing Pyramids and gorgeous art work. Soon we will be adding Bio-Feedback sessions and a new device for bio-feedback for home use. We’ve been featured on the local news, magazines, several private newsletters, online magazines, and I was even featured as a “Woman to Watch” in a new online magazine. We’ve been participating at the Psychic Fair at the Doubletree Hotel on Alvernon, the first Sunday of the month for 3 months, and intend to continue. Our participation at the St. Phillips Farmer’s Market on every other Sunday has been a joy.  Upcoming we have many wonderful things in the works. Getting the word out about floating is my passion in life, and I couldn’t have spread the work without you!

Now that it’s been a year, I’ve taken the time to reassess what’s working and what’s not at Cloud Nine Flotation. The results are that I’ve retired some packages, and changed the prices on others. Some have gone up a bit, and some have come down a bit. We now have an automatic monthly float mini memberships to allow an avid flotation fan a once a month (or more) affordable floating experience. We also have the Heavenly Sandwich™ and the Deluxe Heavenly Sandwich™ for those who want a total relaxation reset. They are wonderful!

One of the most excited things for me personally is the upcoming Float Conference in Portland, OR Aug 19-21. I found out about it last year just days prior to the conference, and couldn’t attend because of timing. I promised myself I’d go in 2016 and going I AM! I’m looking forward to what I’ll learn, connect with old associates from the 1980’s float world, and new friends and associates I’ve met online. I’m taking some pretty cutting edge classes and plan on coming back with a new wealth of information to share. Because I have not yet found an intern (hint hint) I will have to close from Aug 19- 24 for floating only. The massage part of Cloud Nine will remain open. After the conference I’m going on to Eugene, OR where I moved from to Tucson in 2005. It will be the first time I’ve been back since then. I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends, and going to Cafe Yumm!!

I’m just about to put out the August Newsletter, which won’t be much different than this, but will have more specifics. If you want to see the new prices, please visit While you are there check out the “Links” page and watch the new video by Alex Gregory, Gold Metal winner for Rowing. Or just watch it here. Enjoy!

Alex Gregory MBE (Team GB Rowing), 2012 London Olympics Gold Medalist and captain for the Coxless Four in Rio 2016 Floats for post training recovery and relaxation. Watch his video testimonial and enjoy!

Alex Gregory, Gold Metal Olympian

Until next time, Float On!


10 Reasons to keep Epsom Salts in your House

Epsom Salts have long been used for easing muscle pain, constipation, and well…reasons explained in this video. Normally you might put a cup or two of Epsom Salt in your bath. Imagine entering a bath of 800 pounds of Epsom Salts. At Cloud Nine Flotation we use the highest quality, pharmaceutical epsom salts available. Enjoy this video and imagine yourself in an environment free of gravity, sound, and light. Now you are imagining the flotation tank environment.

Happy Father’s Day from Cloud Nine Flotation!

Sunday is Dad’s Special Day. Dad is so important. He works hard, he supports the family, and even though he may not always show it, he loves you. This year, give Dad a gift he’ll always remember; A Float session at Cloud Nine Flotation! After his float he’ll feel relaxed, and happy, and stress free. His skin will be soft and his body will feel wonderful! Want to REALLY pamper dad? Give him a Heavenly Sandwich™. A Float followed by a massage of his choice, followed by another float. It will give him a reset on life he’ll adore.

Book it all today at

The Heavenly Sandwich; What is it and How Does it Work?

I was at our local Farmer’s Market at St Phillips Plaza a few weeks ago, when a young man and his family came up to my booth. Excitedly he asked me if Cloud Nine Flotation offered “The Sandwich”.

“Maybe”, I said coyly, “What is it?”

“I had it in Portland, Oregon.” he said.  “It’s a Float, followed by a massage, followed by a float and it’s AMAZING and PROFOUND relaxation. The experience has stayed with me ever since. Do you offer it?”

“Sure”, said I. “We are just adding massage therapy and we’ll be sure to have a sandwich on our menu”. He smiled, asked to be on our newsletter list and moved to the next booth.

When I got back to the office I did a little research, found the center in Portland that offers “the Sandwich” and went to work to discover why (besides the obvious relaxation part) he was so excited about this combination. It’s important to note that the whole sandwich is what it’s all about. You can have what we at Cloud Nine lovingly call the “open-faced sandwich” (a float followed by a massage) but it’s the whole sandwich that does the trick and here’s why: When you have your first float, magnesium is entering your body through your skin. It’s relaxing your muscles, speeding up your metabolism, and softening your skin. Because there is no external sensory input during your session, your mind relaxes and your spirit can soar. During your massage (and you can have the massage of your choice) our Licensed Massage Therapist can get much deeper, getting you to a new level of relaxation. When your 50 min massage is done, it’s back to floating for you for another hour of luxurious relaxation. What this 2nd float does is take you to even deeper levels of relaxation for your body and your mind. Plus you get the added benefit of reduced or no pain from deep tissue massage because the lactic acid in your body, and your blood circulation are full speed ahead from the magnesium in the water. The man at the Farmer’s Market told me he didn’t want to get out of the water, he felt so amazing.

If you are looking for a unique experience that will focus your mind, relax your body and integrate your spirit, the Heavenly Sandwich at Cloud Nine Flotation is for you. Makes a wonderful gift as well; One that will always be remembered. The Heavenly Sandwich comes in 3 sizes and we can customize it to fit your needs and budget. Book today at

Get a Free Float at Cloud Nine!


Last week I announced that  Cloud Nine Flotation is participating with Dan Horner Productions for the Miraculous Healing Experience April 1-3 at the Tucson JCC.

There is only 6 days left to get the Early Bird price of $197 for the entire 3 days!

The event, 5 years in the making, and is almost sold out however Cloud Nine Flotation still has Early Bird Tickets available for $197 until March 12 when tickets go up to $397. On March 25 they will go up to the full price of $500!!

How do I get a Free Float?

When you click on the link below, Cloud Nine Flotation is offering the first 10 people a FREE FLOAT! (valued at $60). The Free Float offer is not being offered on any other site, you must use the link in this blog in order to get the free float. Cloud Nine will have a table set up at the Miraculous Healing Experience. I look forward to seeing you there!

Click on this link to find out more about this extraordinary event and get your tickets Today! Once your purchase has been confirmed I’ll send the first 10 people that Free Float!

Event Brite: Miraculous Healing Experience

Miraculous Healing Experience and a FREE FLOAT!

I’m very excited to announce that Cloud Nine Flotation is participating with Dan Horner Productions for the Miraculous Healing Experience April 1-3 at the Tucson JCC. The event, 5 years in the making, is almost sold out however Cloud Nine Flotation still has Early Bird Tickets available for $197 until March 12 when tickets go up to $499. Not only that but when you use the link below to purchase your tickets from Cloud Nine Flotation, we are offering the first 10 people a FREE FLOAT! (valued at $60).

Click on this link to find out more about this extraordinary event and get your tickets Today! Once your purchase has been confirmed I’ll send the first 10 people that Free Float!

Event Brite: Miraculous Healing Experience

What do you know about salt?

Chef Salts

Chef Salts

Do you know why table salt is ionized? Did you know there is sugar added to commercial table salt? Cloud Nine Flotation not has a beautiful and restful place for you to float, but also has the most extensive Gourmet Table Salts available in Tucson. 16 different salts from around the world. All of them Vegan and Kosher certified and 100% salt, no additives. Check out our salts at:

For a limited time only, Kalyn from Cloud Nine Flotation is offering Salt Tasting and Pairing events at your home for your friends. It’s a really fun 2 hours and you get a gift when your friends order! Like a wine tasting, but salt!
Do you have any questions, just ask.

Flotation Therapy featured on The Today Show!

Is sensory deprivation the key to relaxation? Watch a TODAY editor test a float tank:

Posted by Today Show on Sunday, October 4, 2015

This is a good video about floating from The Today Show. Yes there are ways to relax for free, but they usually take discipline and time. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! If you are already meditating or practicing mindfulness, floating is a perfect compliment to those disciplines. Floating is also useful for chronic pain and stress. Floating prices differ throughout the country. It all depends on whether you are floating in a commercial center with several tanks, or in a residential center with only one tank. Prices range from $45-$120 an hour. At the $45 price you can expect to float in a home, possibly a basement in a home made tank. At the $120 you’ll most likely be in a Commercial center with several tanks and possibly several modalities.

Floating at Cloud Nine Flotation in Tucson is only $60 for an hour. We are currently in a residential center, with one tank, but looking to expand. We offer the Oasis Relaxation Tank which is one of the top tanks in the industry. We have a retail store, waiting room and private bath. We also offer FET or Flotation Energy Therapy, a modality only available at Cloud Nine Flotation. You can read more about it on our site. AND we have Vida the wonder dog. Now can anyone else offer her?

Enjoy this video from The Today Show. Questions? Just ask, or visit our site at #FlotationinTucson #Mindfulness #Meditation #TheTodayShow #CloudNineFlotation #FloatationinTucson