How Floating Helped Me Accept I Am Trans

This Pride, we thought we’d share a personal story from within the float community from someone who used floating to help her find herself. Juliet Mylan is a trans woman who lives in Portland, Oregon and she has been gracious enough to share her experiences with floating and how it helped her understand her identity […]

Theta State: How the Brain Signals Relaxation

by Float Tank Solutions | Buoy Blogs What’s happening to your brain when you float? How do you go from being awake, conscious, and stressed to relaxed and dreamy? While we still have a lot to discover when it comes to different states of consciousness, one key element is the “Theta State,” when our brain waves operate at […]

How to Comfortably Float While Pregnant

by Float Tank Solutions | Buoy Blogs Floating has many potential benefits for both mom and baby, and so it’s not surprising to see a growing trend in floating while pregnant. Some take on floating to help reduce back pain, while others just love to hear their baby’s heartbeat without anything else around to distract them. The rise […]

Oh No! Another Post about Covid-19 but this is ALL good news.

Cloud Nine Remains Open with a Twist! You read that right. Cloud Nine is remaining open unless & until we feel it’s time to close, or we are told to by the CDC. There is a twist though, and it COULD affect you in a surprising and most wonderful way. It’s been a very long […]


#FLOATFORMAPS We have a slightly unusual, maybe out of left field, possibly controversial, but, we think, super interesting and exciting update for you. We’re asking for your partnership with us in co-funding research into the groundbreaking realm of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Throughout July, the entire floatation therapy industry is […]

It’s Not Always Sensory Deprivation

Here at Cloud Nine Flotation we focus on Float Therapy which includes Sensory Deprivation, but not always. We just added two new pieces of audio excellence to the tank experience. Our first regular floatee just got out of the tank where she listened to an hour of The Dalai Lama’s Greatest Hit! No kidding, it’s […]

December Newsletter Coming Soon

Boy December got here fast! I’m a little behind, but promise the newsletter will be out soon. In the meantime, please come to the 4th Avenue Street Fair this weekend, Dec 8-10 from 10-5:30ish to see me! I’m in booth # 22 in the Creative Ventures Parking Lot.

Fear, Anxiety and Floatier Things Part 2

Fear, Anxiety & Floatier Things: Part 2 One response we hear over and over from people when we talk to them about floating is, “Oh no … I’m claustrophobic.” But … only 5% of the population is actually claustrophobic, according to Wikipedia: Claustrophobia is defined as: “the fear of being enclosed in a small […]

New Hours, & New Names

Things at Cloud Nine Flotation are dynamic! That means when inspiration hits, we act! In honor of national coming out day, I’m officially coming out as a Sci-Fi Nerd. To many this is no surprise, but I’ve been secretly calling my float tank a Tardis for years and now it’s official. Room #1 (which is […]

Fear, Anxiety & Floatier Things

October is typically a month of focus on scary things in our culture. Things that go bump in the night. Things that trigger our fears. Fears of mysterious threats in the dark, in particular. So that’s what we’re focusing on too throughout the month of October. Fear, anxiety and things that go bump in the […]

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