Become What You Believe

perspectivestreamI have been participating in the Oprah/Deepak 21 Day Meditation Series for a while now. It’s a free series, and a¬†new one just started last Monday. It’s subject is “Become What you Believe”, and it’s very effective. Of course you do become what you believe, so the trick is to believe beautiful, empowering things. The truth is, nothing has any meaning unless we give it one, or several. Think about something it. What is meaningful to you? Would it have the same meaning for someone else? Probably not. Everyone assigns meaning, because as members of the human race, we are meaning machines. We need things to make sense, so we make things up to accomplish that task. I figure as long as we’re making things up, we may as well make them up as empowering and beautiful. Does that MEAN that only empowering, beautiful things happen to me? Heck NO! But it’s the meaning I place on¬†it, that makes a difference as to how it affects my life. Here’s an example:

I seem to have REALLY bad Housekeeper Karma. I realize this is a First¬†World Problem to have, but I seem to have it. I thought I had FINALLY gotten over it because the universe directed me to a FABULOUS woman who did an amazing job in helping me to create Cloud Nine Flotation. We organized my house, and turned it into a beautiful center of peace and quiet and happiness. Then, out of the blue, she quit in a week I was having a mini opening and party. I had a lot of Cloud Nine business to do this week and so I began the search for a new housekeeper immediately. I found one on Craig’s List. Now Craig’s List is a toss up. You never know what you’ll get, and when she got to my house I noticed some warning signs, but when she¬†started working I was happy that she was able to clean, and I¬†was able to do my work, in the 4 hours she was here.¬†HOORAY! ¬†After she left, I was doing a walk through and noticed that she helped herself to $20 in my tip jar. At first I felt puzzled. I wondered why she would steal from me when I told her that I would be using her services regularly. Why would she give up a good gig for $20? It didn’t make sense. Then I felt violated. How BRAZEN of her to steal from my tip jar? Then it hit me. I dodged a much bigger bullet. Those signs from the beginning¬†were pretty blaring, but I ignored them because I needed her services. That won’t happen again. ¬†By stealing the $20 she immediately showed me her character in a way I couldn’t ignore. I now feel BLESSED that this lesson only cost me $20. If I had her continue to come, who knows what it could have cost me! She mentioned how she really loved all the things I sell at Cloud Nine Flotation. The Himalayan Salt Lamps, Bath Salts, Kitchen Salts, and when she walked into my healing therapy room she totally fell in love with the¬†crystals.¬†All of that could have disappeared. This experience taught me that I need to protect my business by getting information from contractors who have free reign in my center/home that will create a contract of accountability, that will lead to trust. This is just good business, and it taught me (I can only hope) to trust my true self and instincts, and who knows. Perhaps my house keeper Karma will change now too.

So I was able to turn an event in my life, that I easily could have remained victimized into an empowering event. And you’ll LOVE the Centering Thought from Today’s Meditation:

My true self can be trusted to lead me.

My actions and desires are supported by cosmic intelligence.

I will be blogging about the meditation series as ideas I think you’ll enjoy come to me. I hope you’ll continue to read. To discover more about Floating in an Isolation Tank visit us at Cloud Nine Flotation


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