Cloud Nine Flotation Enters it’s Second Year!!

October 1, 2016 marks the 2nd year Cloud Nine Flotation has been in business. It normally takes about 18 months to see real progress on a big project. After planting seeds every day, watering them. Making sure they get sun, you need to move on to the next set of seeds. It’s called inspired action. So I’m a thrilled beyond belief with the progress of Cloud Nine Flotation. In twelve short months I’ve met or exceeded my dreams. In October I’m very excited to also announce that we have been published in TWO local Tucson Magazines. The first is Natural Awakenings. You’ll find the article here: Natural Awakenings. The 2nd is Tucson Lifestyles Magazine, page 80 if you have the hard copy of the magazine. I’ll post the electronic version hopefully on Monday.

Life is a wonderful adventure. I never thought that after 27 years I’d be back in the business of Flotation Therapy. You never know where life will take you. Be open to all possibilities. It’s glorious.

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