Cloud Nine Flotation is One Month Old Today!!!

Our Beautiful Logo
Our Beautiful Logo

Today Cloud Nine Flotation is One Month Old!!!! What an amazing journey this first month as been. We’ve taken off faster than I could have ever imagined. We have, with the help of many, floated over 40 people in our first month!!!! In fact, we have plans to put another flotation tank into service within in the next few months. It’s a lovely tank called an Oasis. Stay tuned for news on that. We are also expanding our retail store for the holidays and beyond. We want you to think of Cloud Nine Flotation for all things Salty and beautiful. From Unique Boutique (yes that rhymes) Bath and Shower Salts (SHOWER SALTS???) to Gourmet Kitchen Salts, to GORGEOUS Himalayan Salt Lamps, Beautiful artwork, and fantastic aromatherapy and mist diffusers. More on that soon.

When I first had the inspiration to re-open Cloud Nine after a 25 year absence in Tucson, on Aug 1, 2015 I had NO IDEA that the Flotation Industry was going through such a boom! I didn’t know there were franchises, I didn’t know that in Canada 53 new Flotation Centers had opened in the past 2 years. I didn’t know we had our own industry convention. In the last 3 months I’ve met many wonderful new people in our industry from all over the U.S. and Canada, and reconnected with many people from my past. It’s been wonderful and I’ve learned from them all.

Inspiration to Realization couldn’t have happened without a LOT of support both tangible and intangible. First to my sister Lisa Hammack who, when I told her my idea squealed with delight saying, “OH YES! You were so HAPPY when you did that before”. My mom Elaine Baum who has been my rock, who believes in me, and has sent me the greatest voice messages ever. My son Elias Gibbens, and Max Kanefield who has been there to help me unload salt, and set up my tank. Lugh Schoonover, who helped me with water and tank set up. Paul Lakers who has been there from the beginning to encourage me and help with salt transportation and tank set up and more. You guys, it’s not over yet, we have another tank on the way. Sonda Bettis who has been and continues to be my house fairy and main organizer, and Karen Smith who staged my house and made it into a Flotation Center. You guys ROCK!!!! All my friends and associates who have sent me articles and news stories about Flotation Tanks…keep it up! I NEED you to keep this going.

So, on to our 2nd month in service to Tucson. Wouldn’t it be fun to double our numbers from last month? If you suffer from insomnia, Floating can help you. If you are an athlete and you need to recover from injury FAST, Floating can help you. If you have more Stress than you know how to deal with, Floating can help you. Do you have chronic pain? Floating can help you. If you just want to UNPLUG, and I mean UNPLUG from all the outside stimulation the world forces you into…Enter a Flotation Tank, and ALL of it disappears.

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