Cloud Nine Ohana Membership

float tank deprivation tank tucson arizonaThe Cloud Nine Ohana Membership gives you a monthly 75 min float with additional 10 min extra service for a discounted price of $65 automatically, every month. (This is a $95 value).

You also get the following:

  • Each additional 75 min float is only $45 but does not include the extra service ($30 discount off walk in prices).
  • Extra service is available a la carte starting at $20.
  • No limit to how many additional floats you can have at $45.
  • You may pay for a friend to float at $45 one time for each friend.
  • Memberships have a minimum length of 3 months.*
  • Includes a members only goodie bag.


*If you cancel prior to 3 months you will be charged the difference for the floats you’ve purchased between member and walk in price.

  • If you cancel after 3 months you may use any unused floats at the membership rate for 30 days or when you membership expires whichever is less.
  • After the membership is canceled you may continue to use your unused floats for up to 4 months by paying the difference between your member price and non-member price.
  • After 4 months any unused floats will be donated to our “Freedom Float” plan and be given to a deserving teacher, first responder or other deserving person.
  • 30 day notice must be given to cancel.
  • Everything is negotiable withing reason.

Click here to enroll in membership or give us a call at 520-668-4017.

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