Float-Con Game 2020

Welcome Float Con 2020 Participant! We have a game you’ll get a kick out of and the best part,

Everyone Can Win!

When you order a sample of McShea Dream Cream* I’ll include the following depending on your points.
When you order a case of McShea Dream Cream** and I’ll include much more!


302 points: Win a Colorado Hemp Honey Stick 

303-306 points: Win a honey stick and a bubble stick

307-310 points: Name added to drawing for a 5 pack of Colorado Hemp Honey Sticks

*Must be purchased by the end of the Con for the extra goodies. 

**Must be purchased by September 21st for the extra goodies

How do you get points?

200 points (most important): You must fill out the form on the page

100 points: Like us on Facebook, and/or Instagram (100 points each)

Find us on Facebook at @McSheaDreamCream and Instagram at @McSheaDreamCream.com

1 point for EACH thing you find in the FloatCon Game collage that ain’t right.

There are 10 not right things.

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