Flotation Therapy featured on The Today Show!


This is a good video about floating from The Today Show. Yes there are ways to relax for free, but they usually take discipline and time. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! If you are already meditating or practicing mindfulness, floating is a perfect compliment to those disciplines. Floating is also useful for chronic pain and stress. Floating prices differ throughout the country. It all depends on whether you are floating in a commercial center with several tanks, or in a residential center with only one tank. Prices range from $45-$120 an hour. At the $45 price you can expect to float in a home, possibly a basement in a home made tank. At the $120 you’ll most likely be in a Commercial center with several tanks and possibly several modalities.

Floating at Cloud Nine Flotation in Tucson is only $60 for an hour. We are currently in a residential center, with one tank, but looking to expand. We offer the Oasis Relaxation Tank which is one of the top tanks in the industry. We have a retail store, waiting room and private bath. We also offer FET or Flotation Energy Therapy, a modality only available at Cloud Nine Flotation. You can read more about it on our site. AND we have Vida the wonder dog. Now can anyone else offer her?

Enjoy this video from The Today Show. Questions? Just ask, or visit our site at www.FloatTucson.com #FlotationinTucson #Mindfulness #Meditation #TheTodayShow #CloudNineFlotation #FloatationinTucson

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