The Cloud Nine Flotation Tank by ZenFloat

Zen Float Tank in the Desert
Zen Float Tank

The Zen Float Tank (Tent) is the latest float tank on the market. It was designed in 2014 as a personal tank, but Cloud Nine loved it’s design and modified it for the commercial market. It is fair to say Cloud Nine is the only Flotation Center in the world using the Zen Float Tank (Tent) in their facility. It is 4’x8’ with 10” of water and 800 pounds of salt. At it’s apex it is 5 feet tall. What we love about this tank is that is it cozy enough to not get lost in, yet tall enough to feel space. It’s not claustrophobic at all, and maintains a 93.5 degree temperature, the same as your skin.

Photo depicted is a publicity photo. Our tank inside a room. The photo below of the man in the tank is taken for demonstration purposes as well. When you float, there will be a cover on the tank.

Man in Zen Tent
Floating demonstrated without the cover

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