The Heavenly Sandwich; What is it and How Does it Work?

I was at our local Farmer’s Market at St Phillips Plaza a few weeks ago, when a young man and his family came up to my booth. Excitedly he asked me if Cloud Nine Flotation offered “The Sandwich”.

“Maybe”, I said coyly, “What is it?”

“I had it in Portland, Oregon.” he said.  “It’s a Float, followed by a massage, followed by a float and it’s AMAZING and PROFOUND relaxation. The experience has stayed with me ever since. Do you offer it?”

“Sure”, said I. “We are just adding massage therapy and we’ll be sure to have a sandwich on our menu”. He smiled, asked to be on our newsletter list and moved to the next booth.

When I got back to the office I did a little research, found the center in Portland that offers “the Sandwich” and went to work to discover why (besides the obvious relaxation part) he was so excited about this combination. It’s important to note that the whole sandwich is what it’s all about. You can have what we at Cloud Nine lovingly call the “open-faced sandwich” (a float followed by a massage) but it’s the whole sandwich that does the trick and here’s why: When you have your first float, magnesium is entering your body through your skin. It’s relaxing your muscles, speeding up your metabolism, and softening your skin. Because there is no external sensory input during your session, your mind relaxes and your spirit can soar. During your massage (and you can have the massage of your choice) our Licensed Massage Therapist can get much deeper, getting you to a new level of relaxation. When your 50 min massage is done, it’s back to floating for you for another hour of luxurious relaxation. What this 2nd float does is take you to even deeper levels of relaxation for your body and your mind. Plus you get the added benefit of reduced or no pain from deep tissue massage because the lactic acid in your body, and your blood circulation are full speed ahead from the magnesium in the water. The man at the Farmer’s Market told me he didn’t want to get out of the water, he felt so amazing.

If you are looking for a unique experience that will focus your mind, relax your body and integrate your spirit, the Heavenly Sandwich at Cloud Nine Flotation is for you. Makes a wonderful gift as well; One that will always be remembered. The Heavenly Sandwich comes in 3 sizes and we can customize it to fit your needs and budget. Book today at

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