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    We make every reasonable effort to provide and ensure a comfortable, clean and safe floating environment for you and ask that you comply with all of our directives and procedures. Please read and initial or check each of the following statements of this agreement and sign below.

    I do not have any communicable or infectious disease, illness, open sores, fresh tattoos or skin disorders.

    I understand that if I shave or wax any part of my body including my head, face, underarms, chest, back, groin area or legs, it will sting a lot!!

    I have or will listen with interest during the orientation about earplugs. Whether I choose or don’t choose to wear earplugs during my float, I do so at my own risk.

    If I have dyed or colored my hair, I have successfully completed a white towel test. If I don’t know what this is, I will ask Cloud Nine at least 48 hours prior to my float. I understand that I may be asked to perform the white towel test if the float guide thinks it’s necessary, and if I do not pass the white towel test when I come to the center, I will be charged for my float and will make another appointment when my hair passes the white towel test.

    If I have a Keratin treatment in my hair, I understand that salt water may affect it’s longevity.

    If I am menstruating I have contacted Cloud Nine to discuss the protocol for floating while menstruating.

    I have complete control of my bodily functions, including urinary and intestinal functions.

    If I wear contact lenses to Cloud Nine I will bring my case and solution with me so I can remove them before my float.

    I am not under the influence of non-prescribed drugs or alcohol or non-prescribed medication.

    I do not have a condition where I am receiving medication that may be adversely affected by deep relaxation and/or immersion in Epson salt solution.

    I do not have untreated high (>+180/120) or low (<-90/50) blood pressure.

    If I am diabetic with insulin dependency I have contacted Cloud Nine to discuss the protocol for floating with diabetes.

    I do not have chronic heart or kidney disease. If I do, I have medical authorization to float.

    I do not suffer from seizures or epilepsy. If I do, I have medical authorization to float.

    If I am concerned about being claustrophobic I have contacted Cloud Nine to discuss my concerns, and learn about the protocol for floating with claustrophobia.

    I have secured written permission to float from my physician if I am pregnant.

    I am at least 18 years of age or have a guardian with me to sign waiver.

    What interests you most about floating? What would you like to experience from it?:

    What areas of your life do you hope floating will help improve?  Check as many as needed

    Increased EnergyAlleviate Physical PainAthletic EnhancementRapid Physical RecoveryHeadache ReliefLower Blood PressureImprove Sleep QualitySpeed Jet-Lag Recovery

    Increase MotivationImprove ConcentrationImprove Problem-SolvingIncrease CreativityIncrease IntuitionMeditation PracticePersonal GrowthElevate Mood


    Stress ReliefReduce Stress-Related IllnessDepression ReliefAnxiety ReliefPTSD SymptomFibromyalgia ReliefEliminate Addictive BehaviorsEating Disorder

    Any additional therapy goals not listed above:

    If experiencing physical pain, where is this pain:

    On a scale of 1-10, 1 being no pain, and 10 being crazy horrible pain, where are you today?


    What do you currently do to alleviate the above concerns?

    Please list any additional medical conditions:

    Cloud Nine uses:
    35% hydrogen peroxide (H202)
    Ultraviolet (UV) sterilization systems and Ozone
    Natural enzymes, botanical extracts and non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products.

    I am not allergic or skin-sensitive to the above products used as a sanitizing agent.

    I will not float with oils, creams or deodorant on my body, or hair products in my hair.

    I will remove all jewelry that can be removed.

    I feel well today, have no incontinence or nausea, and will only float when I feel well. This is true every time I float.

    I have or will receive(d) an orientation, which familiarizes me with the safe and appropriate use of the tank. I understand that individual experiences with floating are varied and unique, and I take full responsibility for my thoughts and actions while in the flotation tank. This waiver of liability and all agreements made herein shall apply to each and every use of the tank.

    I hereby agree to irrevocably hold harmless and waive any claims that I now may have or may have hereafter against Kalyn Wolf Consulting LLC DBA Cloud Nine Flotation, its owner, employees, agents and dependents.

    I have read and fully understand and agree to the above terms of this Liability Waiver Agreement. I am signing this agreement voluntarily and recognize that my signature serves as complete and unconditional release of all liability in connection with the use of the flotation tank and facilities, including the entire interior of the premises operated as Cloud Nine Flotation, its agents and all employees, whether such loss or damage be it direct or indirect.

    I understand that if I do something that causes damage to the Cloud Nine Flotation Tank, or its contents, I am financially responsible.

    Any actions by the client (me), that requires Cloud Nine Flotation to replace the tank solution can require up to a $1,500 replacement fee to be paid by the client (me) at the time of discovery.

    I agree to wipe down the inside of the tank I use with the towel provided for me by Cloud Nine. This is a bio towel with 3% hydrogen peroxide. I understand this is an important part of the exit protocol of the tank, just as I would wipe down a machine after I used it at the gym. If I do not include this step in my exit protocol, I could be charged an additional $20. This fee would go directly to the person who has to do it for me and includes them showering, getting in the tank, taking the 1 minute it requires to wipe down the tank, showering again and using an additional 2 towels in the process. It’s so much easier for everyone, just to do it myself, and creates a sense of community at Cloud Nine. We at Cloud Nine are not without compassion. If there is a reason I cannot perform this task, I will alert the Cloud Nine prior to my float.

    I agree to the Cloud Nine Flotation Return, Cancellation and No Show Policies on the website. 24 hours weekdays and 48 hours weekends (Sat and Sun) the full price of the service (or service credit) will be charged, unless there is a personal, physical emergency or illness. If there is a no show, no call the full price of the service (or service credit) will be charged.

    If you are over 18 please sign below. If under 18 your parent or guardian must sign for you.

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