Welcome to our New Arrival! The Oasis Relaxation System Tank

Oasis Room at Cloud Nine Flotation
Oasis Room at Cloud Nine Flotation

Cloud Nine Flotation welcomes our newest arrival. We have upgraded our tank to an Oasis Relaxation System Tank. Oasis has been making Flotation Tanks for over 32 years. Here is was THEY have to say about their tank.
“Floating in an Oasis System may be one of the most pleasurable, relaxing and enriching experiences of your life. The warmth, comfort and ease of floating gravity free… the peace, quiet, and time for yourself … the discoveries of deeper levels of self… the joy of functioning more effectively in your world… these pleasures are among the many mentioned.”

I say….THIS TANK IS FREAKIN’ AMAZING!!!! If you have floated before at Cloud Nine, and enjoyed the Zen Tent, WAIT till you experience the Oasis! Through Dec 15, Cloud Nine will be offering $10 off a single float in the new tank to existing clients. We also have plans to expand to a 2nd tank soon. So stay tuned. It’s pretty exciting around here.

If you’d like to take advantage of the discount, just call me at 520-668-4017 and book your appointment in the Oasis Tank TODAY! Read more about the new Oasis Tank at www.FloatTucson.com

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