Compassion Key®

Discover Your Joy and Freedom

Have you ever felt, as hard as you try, you just can’t break free of behavioral patterns, disempowering thoughts and ancient wounds that no longer serve you?

You aren’t alone.

How would your life be different if you could heal those core wounds that keep you chained to the past unable to fully enjoy your life?

What if you could wake up and see a clear path for your life, or even just feel hope and joy?

Do you have residual trauma from grief, loss, abuse, disordered eating?

Grief doesn’t come only from the death of a loved one.  Grief can come from any loss. The loss of a dream, love, a beloved pet, a job, the transformation of your body, happier days gone by, and yes, death. 

When you release and clear the grief you’ve been holding on to, it doesn’t mean you forget the person you lost. That will never happen.  It means that when you think of them, or the situation that you are grieving, you remember them in joy instead of sadness. Your creative life force energy is clear, healthy, and whole, it impacts all expression…

  • You feel liberated at the core of your soul.

  • You feel a new sense of safeness, freedom & joy in your body.

  • You exude more confidence.

  • Your voice has deeper resonance and feels more grounded.

  • You are a more playful peaceful version of yourself and can focus on your life.

  • You embody a deep inner calmness.

Kalyn says, “Each session begins with getting in touch with your higher power and we spiral up from there.”

This work is powerful and effective. What we clear during each session is permanent.

Since Kalyn can remember she has always had the gift of healing. When she was a teenager, she studied with accomplished teachers in the area of spiritual and energy healing. These disciplines include Reiki since 1985, Therapeutic Touch, NLP and more.  She’s worked closely with  Rosalyn Bruyere, Marsha Martin, Stewart Emory, Tony Robbins, Francine and Lew Eptein, Ellie Drake and most recently Edward Mannix the creator of Compassion Key®. She is a best selling author, has appeared on hundreds of radio, television shows and podcasts and has facilitated her own seminars on personal growth.  A session with Kalyn could be the most impactful experience of your life. Add Flotation Therapy to integrate what you’ve learned, and you could feel the freedom you’ve longed for.

Compassion Key® can be purchased online but not booked. Kalyn takes on clients only after a 15 minute complimentary consultation. Please contact her at or call 520-668-4017 to set up a brief meeting.

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