You can read more about Kalyn and what Metaphysical Plumbing is at this link from Natural Awakenings Magazine.

Have you ever felt, as hard as you try, you just can’t break free of behavioral patterns that no longer serve you?

You aren’t alone.

How would your life be different if you could release yourself from old patterns?

What if you could wake up and see a clear path for your life, or even just feel hope.

Since Kalyn can remember she has always had the gift of healing. When she was a teenager, she studied with accomplished teachers in the area of spiritual and energy healing. A session with Kalyn could be the most impactful experience of your life. Add Flotation Therapy to integrate what you’ve learned, and you could feel the freedom you’ve longed for.

When Kalyn was 3 years old, she had a rare surgery and was the first to live through it. She also had a near death experience that opened a portal within her, and allowed her to communicate with another dimension of reality.  Essentially, she’s in touch with spirit guides & Higher Level Beings.

Using ancient and cutting edge techniques, Kalyn is able to move clogged energy within your being to a state of clarity.  “I have been blessed and honored to help many, many people get emotional/spiritual/physical clarity and healing from the stresses of the times.” Kalyn says.

As a people, we are in trouble from constant bombardment of outside influences, and unproductive self talk and established patterns that do not serve our most beneficent selves.  We’ve become addicted to devices and news that do not serve us, and actually puts us in peril.

The pattern needs to be broken so that we can start anew, and feel happy again.

The thing that most people leave out is re-integration of your sense of self.

What happens after a session? What helps you maintain what you’ve learned? The Flotation Modality is a tool to get in touch with your deepest self, by integrating what you’ve learned in a gravity free, and sound free environment.

Immersing yourself in liquid-calm will take you where you want to go, and Kalyn will facilitate your journey, when you desire a nudge or clarity.

This service is not available online. Kalyn takes on clients only after a complimentary consultation. Please contact her at info@floattucson.com or call 520-668-4017 to set up a brief meeting.

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