Everyday Dose Mushroom Latte or Matcha 30 Servings & Starter Kit

Everyday Dose Mushroom Latte is a unique blend of Chaga and Lions Mane mushroom, L-Theanine, Collagen  and Coffee or Matcha Extract that helps with Gut Health, Sleeping, Anxiety, and Stress

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Everyday Dose Mushroom Latte or Matcha 30 Servings & Starter Kit


“I have been drinking the Mushroom Coffee every day for six months. I feel focused and my heartburn has all but left me. Recently I had to stop taking my heartburn medicine for a week because I was going to have an Endoscopy. I was very nervous about this because I remembered the pain I had before starting the medication. Day 1 was bad, but days 2-7 were a breeze! In fact, I’m NOT taking it anymore because the heartburn pain hasn’t come back! The only difference in my diet is Everyday Dose. That’s why I’m promoting it” –  Kalyn Wolf

Everyday Dose Mushroom Latte 30 servings plus Starter Kit  OR

Everyday Dose Mushroom Matcha 30 servings plus Starter Kit

Starter kit include a 30 day supply of product, a frother, a gunmetal measuring spoon, an online subscription to a breathing program and other goodies. As you continue to be on autoship the company will send you “gifts” such as an airtight container to store your product in and other goodies. For $30 a month it’s  a GREAT VALUE. And you can adjust when it comes if 30 days is too soon, or stop the subscription altogether anytime you like. to find out more and order.

This is a wonderful alternative to traditional coffee and adds to your health.


⭐ 1500mg of Lion’s Mane (Your brain’s BFF! Supports memory, focus, and nerve regeneration. Also benefits gut health.) + Chaga The antioxidant champion! Boosts immunity and reduces inflammation.  (Double Extracted and 100% fruiting body)
⭐ 4g of grass-fed Collagen (From the Greek for “glue”. Keep yourself together with healthier skin, hair, nails, joints, and bones. From grass-fed Brazilian bovine.)
⭐ 150mg of L-Theanine from Japan (An amino acid found in tea leaves that reduces anxiety while improving focus & sleep.)
⭐ 39 mg Organic Fair Trade Coffee Extract or Ceremonial Grade Tenzo Tea Matcha

Benefits can include:

  • Sharper Focus.
  • Reduce Anxiety.
  • Healthy Gut.
  • Strengthens Immunity.
  • Better Sleep.


Unrivaled Flavor

Some mushroom coffees are gross, others are tolerable — this one is delicious. USDA Organic, Fair-Trade coffee extract delivers the classic taste we all know and love.

Coffee, But Better

Everything you love about coffee, none of what you don’t — say goodbye to jitters, anxiety, crash, and digestive issues.

Designed For Everyone

Everyday Dose is for professionals, students, yogis, parents, early birds, night owls, workaholics, weekend warriors, and everyone in between.

Anytime, Anywhere

Just mix a scoop with hot or cold water (and/or a milk of your choice) and you’re good to go! Your morning ritual has never been easier.
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Nut Free, Non-GMO, Paleo Friendly, Keto Friendly, Kosher Ingredients

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 in

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