McShea Dream Cream 2oz.


“McShea Dream Cream” a combination of essential oils with Magnesium, C*, Shea butter, Honey, Emu oil and Arnica (get it?).

McShea Dream Cream can help in soothing the pain from muscle, joint and nerve pain. It has been shown in surveys to also help sleep because of the high amount of magnesium. The proprietary blend of essential oils are similar to a product called Deep Blue, which is known for it’s pain relieving delivery. That combined with C*, Emu Oil, Arnica and Magnesium is a Dream Team of ingredients that have each been tested by time and science.

Directions: Apply a small amount of McShea Dream Cream to skin on the area of discomfort. Rub in thoroughly. Repeat as needed.


“My rash on my left wrist and hand is almost gone after just one use of the lotion. There was no pain and I was able to finally get a good night sleep, and there was hardly any pain when I got up this morning. Would buy the lotion when you start to sale it. Thank you.  5 Stars!!” Sylvia -Tucson

“This product worked great! I used the cream multiple times on my neck and back areas and each time I used it within just a few minutes my pain had almost completely vanished. As someone who lives with chronic back pain for me to find a product that actually works and is not a pill of some sort is amazing. And it smells great too.” 5 Stars!!! Sierra L.- Tucson

“I need more of THAT cream. It came and I took it in from the warm mailbox, brought it inside and rubbed it on my “dead by 1000 needles” back. It’s very numbing and soothing. It kicked in almost immediately. It’s been about half an hour and I’m able to lie down on my back, and I feel a minty coolness that is quite pleasant. I’ll take a gallon. I like the consistency and the scent, and the texture is great.”  5 Stars!!! Lilly- Excelsior, MN

“After a good run of no MS symptoms, I got a major flare up last night. It was awful. Worst it’s ever been. Normally I use CBD gummies which takes away about 10-15% of the pain. I tried the McShea Dream Cream along with som CBD gummies and it’s improved at least 50%! The nice thing about the cream is that I felt relief instantly.” 5 Stars!!!  – David Ealy, Phoenix AZ

“Nice smelling, light, very pleasant cream, worth the try :)” 5 Stars!! – Kriztina, Tucson

I’d been having a lot of nasty back pain as well as in my elbow. This helped it a lot.” 5 Stars! – Sierra, Tucson

“I used the refrigerated cream consistently. It did not eliminate the pain in my foot, but it did help. The scent was just fine.” 3 Stars!  Jeannie, Tucson
“It lasted a couple hours. It got me up and going this morning, then I was able to stay loose all day.” 5 Stars!! -L. Nelson, Tucson AZ
“It gave me a tingly and cooling feeling. The pain started to go away within the first few minutes (like two minutes). I used it before exercise and made the workout pain free.I really enjoyed the scent and thought the consistency and absorption to be amazing.” 5 Stars!!  – Raymond, Tucson
“It lasted about two hours. It got rid of my pain for that long.” 4 Stars!!! – Lee Barnhill, Tucson, AZ

Full Ingredients list:

Distilled Water, Shea Butter, Vegetable wax, Jojoba Oil, Emu, Magnesium (1500 mg) USP grade, Vegetable Glycerin, Grapefruit Seed Extract, C*-250mg, Honey, Arnica 6x, Essential Oil: Lime, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Helichrysum, Ylang Ylang, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, Osmanthus.


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C* is a proprietary blend of ingredients. 

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“McShea Dream Cream” a combination of essential oils with Magnesium, C*, Shea butter, Honey, Emu oil and Arnica (get it? It’s an anagram).

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