Stress & Anxiety Management Bag (S.A.M. Bag)

The Cloud Nine Stress & Anxiety Management Bag has items, tools really to help you management stress & anxiety. See below for the items and what they are used for.

1 Do Nothing Club Pin (It’s a goal).

1 Shower Steamer (random scents) These shower steamers are like bath bombs but for showers. They are designed to effuse beautiful aromatherapy to enhance joy and diffuse stress. (See the listing for all the scents)

3 Aromatherapy Inhalers: Relief to soothe your pain, Restore to calm your stress & anxiety, and Rejuvenate for spiritual elevation and grounding.

2 sticks Hemp Honey (random flavors).

1 sample of McShea Dream Cream to soothe pain, itch and burns.

1 EOS Lip Balm Organic Shea Butter (Random Flavor)

1 bottle of Blowing Bubbles to reduce stress and for fun.

1 pair of Refraction Grating Rainbow Glasses to see the world through a different lens.


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